BT GPS & PC: The device you selected does not have a serial port service running
I can not pair my GPS device with the PC, It is a ProGin SBT-268 GPS Receiver. Bluetooth does talk to the Device and the device is found, but in the pairing step the GPS Receiver does not communicate the Passkey to the Laptop and the connection is timed out.

Please note: that I can pair this device with a mobile phone, and I can receive satellite from the device using the mobile phone Java Application.

When I just add the device in Bluetooth device lists, it is added, but then I can not communicate with it because a Serial port is not assigned to it. When I try to manually assign the COM Port to the device, I get the following Error message.

The device you selected does not have a serial port service running.
Please help me with the situation.

Many thanks
To pair a Bluetooth GPS device with Windows, you must choose the option where you supply a passkey. Standard for GPS is '0000' but that device may be different - check the manual. You are getting the not running message because the device is not connected.

Your mobile phone may not require the passkey step. I know Toshiba BT stack often doesn't.

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the response. I tried connecting this device to the PC with almost all other default passkey combination like 1111, 1234, etc, but was unable to pair it to PC. In the documentation it says the default passkey to be 0000.

I tried adding the device to Windows without pairing it, and then I try to bind it to a serial port, but then I get the above message.

Is there a possibility of having a defective device which works fine with the Bluetooth mobile phone, but the UART chip which activates the Serial Port service is out of order?

Is there any software which communicate directly to the Bluetooth service without making a Bluetooth serial bridge?

Ken in Regina
I'm pretty sure the problem is in the pairing. If the manual says the code is 0000, that's the one that should work.

Until you can get it paired, Windows is not grabbing the BT-to-serial port driver. Without that driver associated with the device, you will just keep getting that message. The message is the literal truth. It's the driver that supplies the "serial port service" it's complaining about.

There's no UART to have a problem with because you're going to be using a virtual COM port, not a physical one.

If your BT receiver is working with your mobile phone, there's no reason to suspect a problem with the receiver.

Garmin Mobile PC, Software-only version,can detect and use Bluetooth GPS receivers directly through the Bluetooth stack without needing a virtual COM port. But there isn't any trial version.

No, the phone uses the same UART type connection to provide a COM port. You can't bind it to a COM port - the Bluetooth stack does that when it recognizes the device as needing SPP service.

Not sure what the problem is.

Should not interfere here but I thought I might. My pairing number is 0183. Maybe this will help.
No, if his documentation says '0000' (which is pretty standard), he must use that.

Hi there,

There was a new discovery regarding the BT GPS Receiver I am using. This thing (SBT-268) only pairs with my Sony Ericsson W700i Mobile, and it even failed to pair with a Nokia N73 smart phone.

I am unable to figure out the reason for this.

Are there any devices which are designed only to work with on some old Bluetooth Standards, and do not comply to new BT standard?

Just a thought. Could there be an issue regarding the BT Stack driver version problem? May be a problem related to Toshiba BTStack or Microsfot BTStack?

I ruled out this option earlier because it was having same problem even when I tried pairing it with an Ubuntu box.

Can't Really figure out what is wrong with it....

Most Bluetooth standards are backwards compatible. Serial Port Profile has been around forever and should work with any Bluetooth stack.

I would suggest you try a different BT dongle if you are really stuck on that GPS.

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