How well does Microsoft Streets & Trips rate against other GPS software?
So far Streets & Trips has been okay for my needs. It has plotted entire stops along the way. For instance, I make a map of 10 stops, it will plot out my route when I hit individual stops and then, tally the total at the end it will map all of the stops. But can it be made more intelligent? If I had a map of 10 stops, pick the first one closest to me as a starting point, and the furthest one as an end point, then ST will take in all the other stops in account and make a complete route for all stops. Do other GPS map software have this feature, and a whole lot more?

Lastly, My car arrow goes off the map. I have selected moving map display but it refuses to move. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? It seems rather simple to select it.

Hi lortech,

I'll let others voice opinions on comparing S&T to the others but regarding your mapping task here are my comments:
  • What version are you running? S&T 2010?
  • S&T allows you to easily bulk-add multiple stops to your route. You don't need to do it individually. A couple ways to do this would be to right-click on pushpin set and choose "Add pushpins as stops" or just draw a rectangle around the pushpins you want on your route and right-click in the box and choose "Add pushpins as stops".
  • Next step would be to adjust the starting point and ending point then click "optimize route" button.
Result: S&T suggests the most efficient route between the starting and ending points hitting all the locations inbetween.

The only time the "car arrow" should drive off the map would be if the "Arrange map view" checkbox is unchecked.

Hope that helps,
My Point...Exactly
Hi Lortech -

With respect to 'Optimizing the Route' - here's an excerpt from a Real Estate video that I did that shows using the Optimize Route feature. It also shows setting times associated with each stop - very useful in determining your total trip time. To see the video (1.5 mins) - Click HERE .

Hope you find it helpful.

PS - To answer the question in your post header - "How Well does S&T compare against other GPS Software"...my opinion, it blows them away. Spend some time with S&T and I think you'll be amazed at the power in this tool.
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