PC Navigator 10 Free - Trouble Launching App
I downloaded the current version located here: http://navigatorfree.mapfactor.com/en/

I am running on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, installing to a different directory, plugging in my GPS (BU353), not plugging in the GPS, using revo uninstaller, restarting etc. etc.

On my initial install the application launched but without the map data. After installing the map data the Navigator wouldn't then launch. I lastly tried the Windows 7/Vista activation patch on the Mapfactor site, but it gave me a message saying that I didn't have navigator installed :s

Any advice on what I can try to get it working would be much appreciated as I'll need it this weekend and looking forward to giving the software a whirl.


Ken in Regina
If you have the shortcut icon on you desktop, try right-click and select to Run As Administrator. If that works, you can right-click on the shortcut icon and set the Properties so it will do that permanently.

No luck. Thank you for the suggestion, I just gave it a go but it just thinks about it for about 1 second then seems to give up.

Have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and PC Navigator 10 Free won't launch. The Mapfactor screen comes up, followed by OpenStreetOrg screen which I click, then the Mapfactor screen comes back for a second or two and then closes. Also installed on a desktop running Windows XP SP3, and the same thing happens. Any suggestions? What have I done wrong?
There could be a problem with corrupted data (reinstall does not automatically remove downloaded data). In the navigator.log.txt file (on WinXP c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Navigator OSM\10.1\ or %appdata%\Navigator OSM\10.1\) could be some hint. See issue Australian data won't download with similar (?) problem.

Thanks for the info, over the weekend I deleted what I had installed and downloaded it again from the start. It now works, thanks again.

I do have a question, with Navigator 10 Free I noticed that you can not enter a specific address (just an intersection), is the purchased version handle a specific address?

I really wanted to try see what the product would do, but I am assuming because the free version uses OpenStreet maps it is not really the same. We are in the process of purchasing a 5th wheel RV and I was hoping to see what the truck verion could do. Hopefully the pay version of Navigator with different maps works better.

THANKS AGAIN for the help.

Hello Cal,

The paid version is using TeleAtlas data and you can search also by house numbers. OpenStreetMap data also have tag 'addr:*' which may contain house number, but this information was not integrated in Navigator FREE yet. The commercial truck version provides also option for definition of truck restrictions.

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