GPS On Laptop : Screen Not Bright, Sound Too Weak
I have recently attempted to use the GPS device for my "old" Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006. It did a fine job in directing me on the appropriate route, but two problems made continued use of this device as a replacement for a dedicated GPS unit impossible.

The first problem was seeing the screen of the computer in sunlight while running the computer on battery power. Would a 12 Volt charger eliminate this problem?

The other was the sound being too low to hear the directions. Is there some way to direct the sound through my built-in CD sound system?

Perhaps these questions would more appropriately be addressed in some computer forum, but since I was lurking on this site for the first time, I decided to register and post these questions here.

I hope someone can help.

A dedicated power supply might make the display brighter but it is unlikely to solve that problem. You can tell by instructing your computer to run at full brightness on battery power. The settings are usually in the power settings.

There are several ways to direct the sound to your car radio. If it has a input connection, you could feed it from the laptop's headphone jack. If not, you might consider an FM transmitter that could connect to the laptop and broadcast to the radio.

Ken in Regina
Terry, on my Acer laptop and Acer netbook even setting the screen backlight to maximum still won't make the display as bright as is possible. As soon as I connect external power you can see it jump another notch brighter.

But you are correct that it won't make enough difference to solve the problem. He may have to use some sort of shade to block the direct sunlight from the screen.

Ron, the FM transmitter is a good solution to use your existing in-car audio system if it does not have an AUX IN connection. The only issue might be finding a "blank" FM frequency if you live in or near a large city.

You can also get an in-line FM modulator. Basically, you plug the laptop into this box, which is connected directly to the radio's antenna port. The vehicles radio antenna also plugs into the modulator.

I use one in my truck for my laptop and it works great.
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