GPS-CP101 Windows 64 Bit software driver needed
I updated from ALK CoPilot Laptop 10 to CoPilot Laptop 8 after my old 32 Bit machine crashed and I got a new 64 bit machine with Windows 7. Now the problem... I have a CP101 receiver and no driver. Can anybody help? ALK tech support is NO help.
ALK has an old note on this about modifying the preferences.cfg file that may still apply. The location of this file would be the same as the Vista listing. Have you tried that?

Support Center: ALK Technologies

This is a cut and paste not sure what to do .

Certainly doesn't sound promising but why not add the line they suggest.


I tried that still nothing.
I would suggest you are out of luck then. The Philips CP101 was a limited use GPS specifically for the package you purchased it with.

GPS are not very expensive these days if you can settle for a USB one. Apparently ALK recommends the GlobalSat BU-353 and we like it too. I gather from others that CoPilot is not fussy about which GPS you use so there is a wide choice.

The CP101 does not work on Win7 64-bit machines.

(edit: Unless you install your CoPilot version 10 into XP Mode, and would also have to install your new version 8 into XP Mode also then to use that receiver)
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