How to show POI along the route in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
I have searched for the answer to this to no avail.

1. I have the POI Mega File and all of the categorizes are hidden.
2. I have a route set in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010.

How or is it possible to show just the POI along the route? say within .5 or 1 mile of the entire route?
This is something S&T should be able to do, but doesn't.

You can find Pushpins POIs that are not hidden along a route like this by going to Find nearby places, set the seach criterion to whatever mileage you want, say 0.5 miles, and select Entire Route from the "Around" drop-down menu and click on "Refresh." Or you can chose individual route segments which will search quicker. This will produce a list of the open sets that have a POI within your search corridor. This might be helpful.

Unfortunately, all the pushpins for POIs outside of the search corridor will still be visible, probably obscuring your route unless you are well zoomed-in. MSFT should add the ability to delete or hide those pushpins that are outside of the search corridor.
While I stand by what I wrote above, I have thought of a work-around that might be helpful. It would be as follows.

First, open your file that contains all the POIs, but keep all the POI sets hidden, and construct your route. When done, export it as a GPX file. Now, open S&T in a new window that we'll call Window B, without closing the previous window that Ill call Window A. Arrange both windows side by side. Now, import the GPX file you just created into Window B and re-calculate the route.

Go back to Window A (without closing Window B) and open (unhide) all POI sets. Now, find nearby places as in my earlier post. Go through that list of POIs that are related to your route and pick the ones you want to have saved one by one. Each time, copy that individual POI pushpin and switch to Window B and paste it in. The best way to do this seems to be to double-click on the line of the "find nearby places" panel and then when it shows on the map go to Edit and Copy at the top of the map. Then, open Edit and Paste in Window B to paste it into the new map. You needn't do more than have the map open; S&T will post it to the correct position. Go back to Window A and repeat for all POIs that interest you. This is a bit tedious but it does produce a nicely focused map that is not overwhelmed by extraneous POIs. Save the map in Window B, maximize the window, and use that as you navigate.
Hi there SpadesFlush. I have had troubles with Garmin so I am thinking of turning over to AutoRoute Europe and wondered how you get on with yours.
Hi, SD. I find AutoRoute works very well for my needs. It is a very powerful application for route planning and navigation. I cannot really compare it to Garmin or other programs I do not use unfortunately. These choices can definitely be influenced by the user's needs but I really like AR which I have been using for over 10 years.

Good luck!
Couldn't you find any other old threads to duplicate this post in.
Since I cited these old threads in my new thread (which is in the wish list where it belongs), I'm simply calling it to the attention of those who brought up this issue before, since they may get an email notifying them of a new post in a thread they started long ago, and have probably forgotten about by now.
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