Disable Day # from appearing in route info in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
I really have done a search for the answer to this, but have not found one.

Perhaps it cannot be done, but I would like to disable Streets & Trips from inserting "Days" in my route description. All I really want it to show are hours and minutes. Theoretically, if I want to drive for 30 hours straight, I don't want S&T to force a "Day 1" 'Day 2" in there.
Hi, Walter, and Welcome to the Forum!

Actually, I think this is the first time this question has been asked so it must be a good question. And there is an answer.

If you set the Route Options Profile tab "Average driving day" options both for any particular time, say 12:00 AM (that is, "Start Driving at:" and "End Driving at:" need to both have the same time), you will get continuous Driving Directions that start at, obviously, 12:00 AM in my suggestion. It does not provide a count of the hours but you can calculate that from the indicated time for each driving direction. You might want to set both of those times for your actual start time, however.

Note that if you insert Stops along the route configured for one or more days' stops, then your Driving Directions will have day breaks inserted.
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