What format to use to import addresses to Microsoft Streets & Trips?
To the more experienced: I receive hard copies of insurance leads in my area twice a week. Can I import just the street addresses into Streets and Trips from a PDF scanned into my computer? I want to save time and gasoline by optimizing my trip plan without having to type in each address.

Can I do this or do I need to scan into a different format or download a conversion software to change the PDF to another format? Perplexed
Streets and Trips cannot convert PDF images into usable data. However, other software applications can convert PDFs into things like Excel worksheets and from those, S&T can import data.

For doing the conversion, I like Nuance - PDF Converter Professional 7.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Gracious1$, and welcome to the forums. Addresses can be imported into Microsoft Streets & Trips in various formats, such as Microsoft Office Excel (*.xlsx, *.xls, *.xlt), or plain text file (*.txt, *.csv, *.asc, or *.tab format).

On the program's main menu, go to Data > Import Data Wizard, to view all supported file formats.
One possibility is to check to see if the lists are available in one of the supported formats if they are downloaded. If not, and the lists are not too long, the information can be selected, copied, and pasted directly to an Excel spreadsheet. At least this method has worked for me. Manually separate the information with commas and then use the Text to Columns function under the Data heading to format the information. Once it is in this format you can import it into S&T as described above, plus have the ability to utilize the data in a bunch of different ways.
ktrack's suggestion is entirely valid if you don't have too much data to 'import' but it provokes in my mind another possibility if again you do not have too many entries to cope with.

That would be to just copy the address details out of the PDF file with any PDF reader line by line and paste it into the find box of S&T directly bypassing the worksheet altogether.
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Hi Gracious1$ -

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There are two training sessions in the free training mentioned at the link below that I think will be helpful to you.

Lesson 3: Preparing the list
Lesson 5: Import the list


Question: Do you have a copy of Acrobat Profossional available to you? You might try copying the entire PDF file into excel (may need to turn on OCR in the Acrobat first) and then importing.
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