Get 'em quick! 2010 with dongle for 39.99 in Canada!
great white
Staples has MS S&T 2010 on their web site for 39.99 with the GPS dongle!

Sale is only from 8-14 Dec 2010.

I bought one this morning.

If you don't want or need to wait for S&T 2011, this is a great deal IMO!

Personally, I think it's an error as S&T 2010 without the dongle is also listed for 39.99 on sale.

If you do go to the store to buy one instead of online, make sure you print out the page from the web site. The store was still listed as 99.99 cdn on the shelf and they didn't believe it was on the web store at 50 bucks less!

Even then they thought it was an online sale only until I pointed out the page said "online and in stores" right on the page!


great white

Too late ladies and gents.

Just checked the staples web site, it's now up to 59.99!

Seems I might have tipped them off when I bought one this morning....

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Great One, and welcome to the forums. That's an excellent price you got! Sorry to hear it was just an error. :-)
HAHAHA. To bad for that. Good "steal" though. I was in the local fishing supply store here in Kamloops and saw a 2 man and a 3 man ice fishing tent for sale. The 3 man was $100.00 cheaper then the 2 man. I grabbed one and ran to the front counter. Of course it rang up at the price it should have been which was $80.00 more then the 2 man. I pointed at the sign attached to the 3 man tent which was clearly marked with the tent description and price. As the manager was ripping the sign off the tent he was telling the clerk to give it to me for the lower price.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, that's apparently the rule, you pay the price they advertise. My wife has saved a few dollars on more than one occasion like this, too.
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