Is .GPX or .CSV better to get POI to Microsoft Streets & Trips?
Sorry guys, I am not savvy enough as to know how to search our threads on this one... I would like to get a POI file off of POIFactory.com and use it on Streets & Trips 2010... The files come in two types, .gpx and .csv... Please point me in the right direction to learn how to get the file into a format that S&T can use... Thanks...

I found the answer... Thanks for your interest...
Marvin Hlavac
I found the answer...
What was the answer you found?

I think both (and also other) file formats can be used to accomplish this in Microsoft Streets and Trips.
If you have a data source available in multiple formats then import them both and see which has the better content in terms of completeness or format in the information balloons.

Either should work fine but the GPX files import the easiest with no extra steps required (such as manual column matching).
Sorry to not think to add the details for others needing the same info... I found instructions for both file types in the "Help" instructions...

1) Down load the .gpx and/or .csv file(s) to your computer..
2) Open the Data dropdown screen in S&T 2010
3a) For .gpx files, select the Import .gpx file feature and point it toward the .gpx file location on your computer... That's all there is to it... The file will import and the pushpin set will load itself for use...
3b) For .csv files, select the Import .csv file Wizzard and point it toward the .csv file location on your computer... Follow the instructions... A popup screen in spredsheet format will open asking you to define the column header names... Select the header names from the header dropdown menu... Be careful to define latitude and longitude correctly; they are often in reverse order... When finished, the file will import and the pushpin set will load itself for use...

Yes, there was a difference in the information provided in the two different file formats... I was working with the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" files from POIFactory.com... For this particular set, two different groups develop each of the two file types, .gpx and .csv... The .csv file contained complete information about the individual pushpins... Name, location, phone number, website, episode, etc... The .gpx file seems to only list the pushpin name and location... Of course, the amount of information will vary according to what the developer includes as opposed to what the file type is capable of providing...

I learned a lot... I was encouraged by your interest, too... Man, I love this forum! Atta-boys all around...
Important tip for S&T .csv importing: After importing the data right-click on the pushpin set name and choose "properties". Go to the 'balloon' tab and check any of the available data feilds that you want to be displayed in the balloon. As the quality of the data improves overtime this becomes more important as there are often details you don't want to miss for each point.
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My Point...Exactly
Hi T1Dunn -

Following up on Larry's info regarding balloon info.

Here's a 12 minute class on importing spreadsheet data, Clicking 'Display Ballon Info' in the table of contents on left will bring you to that section of the lesson. (it will have to have downloaded to that point in the training to jump to it - so you may have to wait a minute). Is based on S&T 2008 - but concepts still apply.

Lesson 5: Importing

Hope you find it useful!

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Wow, guys! Good 411... I'll give it a look...
Wow, MPE, am I ever impressed! Great job! Thank you for sharing!
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