How to type the degree symbol on my keyboard?
Periodically, I want to enter a location by latitude/longitude coordinates in Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format. I can find symbols for minutes and seconds. But, I am not sure what to use for the degree symbol. It is, essentially, an "o" in superscript format. Where can I find that symbol on my laptop keyboard?

I'm sure I will have a moment, when you have clued me in...
I just copy and paste it from Word (or any program that gives a symbol insert drop down).

- or you can hold the ALT key and type 0176 on your numeric keypad (the one on the right of the keyboard or embedded on a laptop).


Great information, Terry. Thanks. Your answer does not leave me feeling like I am just a plain dummy. Maybe, I don't have to take a for that one, afterall. I wonder if the symbol could be assigned to a function key.
Ken in Regina
If you are using Windows you can put a shortcut to the Character Map on your desktop for easy access. That way you can select any character and cut/paste. It will also show you the 4-character codes for those other occasionally useful special characters like: , , , , , .

You can find the Character Map in Start > Accessories > System Tools in XP. Right-click on Character Map and select Send To > Desktop as Shortcut.

In Win7 or Vista, click Start and type "charac..." When Character Map shows up in the list, right-click it and select Send To > Desktop as Shortcut.

When you click on a special character in the Character Map, if you look at the very bottom (status) line, at the far right end you will see, e.g. "Keystroke: Alt+0176" for the degree sign.

Thank you Ken. Learn something everyday.
How foolish of me to forget that tool. It's been around for ages and I know I have used it with OE at least once.

Thanks Ken!

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Great info, Ken... Sticky status worthy!
Hardly GPS related!

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