MapSource can't seem to recognize my Garmin Mobile PC
Allright, so I'm a total GPS noob. I've been able to get my GPS hooked up to my laptop. I'm able to transfer from GPS to my laptop, and I can get my live GPS data all using my Garmin eTrex Venture HC.

What I can't do now is get any maps into my Garmin Mobile PC.

It is only a trial version, but I plan to upgrade soon. Just wondering how to get maps to transfer. I can't seem to get the Mobile PC to be recognized by the MapSource at all. I've tried almost everything, and no luck. If you have any advice, please let me know. I'm at a dead end.

P.S. I'll be here to answer questions relative to this topic till I get a solution (crosses fingers).
Ken in Regina
What version of Mobile PC?

What version of Windows?

What version of Mapsource?

Have you tried running Mobile PC first, so it's open when Mapsource runs? Sometimes you have to do that the first time you transfer something from Mapsource to Mobile PC. Then, after that, you shouldn't need to.

Are you sure it isn't transferring the maps. If you are at a place other than where the maps show, you will not see them on the display. If you have never connected a GPS to Mobile PC, it will probably still be in Olathe Kansas.

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