I've Garmin nRoute & Bluechart, but am unable to select navigate to a waypoint
Hi all,

Hope someone can help. I have Garmin nRoute & Bluechart working and unlocked on my computer. However, I am unable to select navigate to a waypoint. The "to' features in the menu are greyed out.

Any help appreciated,
This feature is not available with BlueChart maps apparently due to 'licensing restrictions'. See this thread for possible ideas.


Ken in Cape Breton
Hi Snoopdad,

We covered this in this thread http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1492-nautical-navigation-garmin-nroute-vs-garmin-mobile-pc#post33021 but I'll copy it here to make it easier to follow.

"I'm going from memory here but what you want to do Garmin doesn't want you to be able to do. You've probably seen a dialog box when trying to use nRoute with BlueCharts saying the maps are not routable due to licencing restrictions.

The trick seems to be to switch to another mapset (in Canada I'd use Topo Canada or Ibicus Topo as they have accurate shoreline information), setup your route and make it active, then switch back to the BlueCharts mapset. You may find it helpful to create waypoints in MapSource in the location of navigation aids so the can be viewed while other mapsets are active.

I don't clearly remember if this works at all well as I found it to be too cumbersome to be useful. I route off my Garmin GPSMap 292 Chart plotter or my GPSMap76CSx, both of which have BlueCharts on Garmin chips. I still leave nRoute running with the Bluecharts at the chart table as the big screen is great for situational awareness, planning, etc. without messing with the chart plotter at the wheel the helmsman is using to follow the active route. "

Merry Christmas! Or Happy Hanukka! Or (insert correct seasonal greeting here)!

Ciao. Ken H.
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