How to add custom POIs to ALK CoPilot Laptop Truck
I would like to add these two to my POIs icon.

Wifi 5 BMP Icon | POI Factory and http://www.poi-factory.com/node/20087 I believe they are 16 bit.
They use .png files.

Download/save whatever icons you want to use. The size that looks best is 22X22, but in general as long as neither one of the two dimensions is more than 22 you are ok. You want to use as high quality settings as possible when creating, saving, or resizing icons so that they look good.

When you are happy with them, drop them into the ..ALK Technologies\CoPilot Live Truck v8 Laptop\NA\North America\Save folder.

The next time you start CoPilot they will be there as available choices to use in creating new categories.

- Don
So I need to convert from .bmp to .png?
Yes. png is a pretty common format for icons. They aren't the ones that use this format.
Here you go.
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Thank you Diesel, I been working on it for over an hour. But I will use yours. Thank you again.
Ok, I built a POI with most of the gun dealers in the US. I found an Icon of a pistol. I did what DieselBoss told me to do and it worked.

Between Malaki and Diesel I'll be a guru.

I am happy, Thank you,
I've been trying to add over 1000 icons to my Laptop Live V8. I've converted from bmp to png, resized to 22x22 and placed in NA/Save folder, but they don't show when adding a new POI .ov2 category. I've tried placing in the main Save folder and Aps/Skins as well but they still don't show up. Also the stock POI Icon's don't show as well. I sent a support ticket to ALK several days ago, but haven't had a response. I miss be missing something simple. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I uninstalled CoPilot, deleted the directory from Programs after saving my .trp files, etc. Reinstalled, put icons in NA/Save and added new POI file... the newly save icons appeared. I don't know what the problem was but this fixed it.
Great news.
Ken in Regina
Now that I've got Copilot on my Android phone is there any way to bulk load my Favorites/waypoints into it? I've got a couple hundred that I use on my Garmin devices and I don't want to have to add them manually.

You can add them as a single POI file, then import those to the phone. It'll import them into a POI 'group' of your choosing, including a custom one.
Ken in Regina
Thanks. So I can save them to a GPX file, convert it to .OV2 and copy it to the phone. Do you know what folder I copy it to on the Android phone for Copilot to find it?

Or is there some way to use Copilot Central on the PC?

I had a messed up installation of Copilot Live NA Premium so I uninstalled, deleted all the related folders and reinstalled. As soon as I fired up Copilot Live it offered me a free upgrade to Copilot GPS. Its "About" page says version Its icon says Copilot GPS. Its splash screen, when you run it, says Copilot Live. The user interface is somewhat different.

Have you been offered that free upgrade?

I received that offer for the upgrade but haven't done it yet.

As for importing, put the .ov2 in this folder (with CoPilot not running):
"/mnt/sdcard/copilot/NA/North America/Save"

If you want a custom icon for it, the file needs to be a .png, I *think* 32x32, and needs to have the same file name as the file you're importing

Once copied, run CoPilot. If you put the file(s) in the correct location, it will immediately begin the import process (it's a couple of steps the first time you import a file). It's been awhile since I've done any custom poi's on my android, but that file location is pretty much the standard across all the platforms.

Also, I don't know if they've patched the Android version so that you can import more than one POI set at a time or not. When I first used it, you had to do it one at a time. The PC was the same until they did an update last month or so. The iPad, which is still new, was able to run multiple POIs at a time as well.

I'm not 100% sure on the image size for the custom icon. So, that one will be a *maybe it will work*.

Here's a link with a better description, too:
Forgot to mention and worth a try, as well:

CoPilot on the laptop and on the iPad can also handle .csv files directly (no need to convert to .ov2 files first). There are a couple of requirements:

Header - there must be a header line, with, at a minimum, of these 3 columns: Name, Longitude and Latitude. I honestly don't think it even bothers with anything else you may have in the file.
Commas - I downloaded a .csv file of truckstops that had entries like this in the name column:
"K & T Truckstop, I-79 x139, Fairmont WV, MW"
This won't work. There can be no comma's *inside* of a data field. I ended up writing a small utility to read through the csv file and re-write it without the data-field commas.
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