Installing Streets & Trips onto desktop and then also on laptop
william wixon
I bought a copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips last night at Best Buy. I intended to install it only to a laptop I recently received. When I started to read the licensing agreement it seemed to be saying it was OK to install it to two computers. So I figured I WOULD install it on my desktop AND my new laptop. I just want to be sure this is legal.

The boxed version I bought from Best Buy is a DVD, The laptop I got doesn't have a DVD drive, I downloaded Streets and Trips from the internet onto the laptop. Now I'm afraid which computer I should install it onto FIRST. AND, I'm wondering if, when they say "portable device" in the licensing agreement, if they mean "laptops" or "cell phones"?!

If I download it (AGAIN) onto the desktop, how do I get it onto the laptop? Do I burn a CD? Will I be allowed to download it AGAIN onto the laptop and be able to register it?

I'm guessing these are simple questions and problems just I don't know and I don't know where to look for the answers or who to ask!

Install from the DVD on the desktop. Download it to the laptop and use the other license entry. That will be legal. Both versions are identical and you can, if you wish, download it as many times as you like.

Marvin Hlavac

Hi William, and welcome to the forum. Just to add to what Terry already said, it doesn't matter which computer you will install and/or activate first. I personally would activate first the installation that is more important to me, for example my laptop. But the End User License Agreement doesn't specify which is to be installed/activated first, it only says you are to be the primary user of both computers.
william wixon
thanks very much terry and marvin.
i installed it successfully on both my desktop and laptop. i think i was unnecessarily concerned.
now onto the next problem, S&T won't recognize my GPS. gonna try to see if that issue was already addressed in previous posts.

thanks again!

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