Some small Canadian towns have no street names in Streets & Trips 2008
I have been planning our Spring trip which will take us into Canada, and have experienced a significant problem finding specific streets with my 2008 S&T. I will include a random sample of towns for which my S&T has no street names but Google Maps does. I would be very greatful if one or more of you who owns the 2010 S&T would check these towns to see if the street names are given. If so, I will replace my version.
The sample of towns are:
Flin Flon, MB
Nipawin, SK
Tisdale, SK
Melfort, SK
Manitou Beach, SK
Strasbourg, SK
Craven, SK
Fort Qu’Appelle, SK
Indian Head, SK
Moose Jaw, SK
Morse, SK
Elbow, SK
Duck Lake, SK

Thanks for your time,
I checked Flin Flon and S&T 2010 does not have street addresses that I can see. Using Garmin MapSource as a reference, the first time addresses appear in Flin Flon is CNNANT 2010.1. As they also use NavTeq maps, I would assume it is likely Flin Flon street addresses will be in Streets and Trips 2011.

I also checked Moose Jaw, a much larger community, and it does have street addresses. At least where I looked anyway.

Is there some reason you don't download the free trial to satisfy your curiosity?

Marvin Hlavac
Ron, Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 released in August 2007. Navteq, the map data provider, has improved it's coverage quite a bit in the three and a half years since.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by ron4adams
I would be very greatful if one or more of you who owns the 2010 S&T would check these towns to see if the street names are given.
Flin Flon, MB -- Yes
Nipawin, SK -- Yes
Tisdale, SK -- Yes
Melfort, SK -- Yes
Manitou Beach, SK -- Yes
Strasbourg, SK -- Yes
Craven, SK -- No
Fort Qu’Appelle, SK -- Yes
Indian Head, SK -- Yes
Moose Jaw, SK -- Yes
Morse, SK -- Yes
Elbow, SK -- Yes
Duck Lake, SK - Yes

Y'er welcome...

Marvin Hlavac
... and the one and only, Craven, SK, has no street names in either Bing Maps, nor Google Maps, as of today, Dec 27, 2010.
Ken in Regina
Craven, SK, street names are also not in Garmin's City Navigator North America 2011.3 quarterly update.

That's okay. Craven is only twenty minutes from here. If Ron and his wife get out this way I promise to give them a personal guided tour of Craven and nearby parts of the beautiful QuAppelle Valley. If they are into country music, Craven has the best outdoor weekend concert of country music on the continent every year. Here's the lineup for 2011:


...besides which, most of those places, with the possible exception of Moose Jaw, are the type of small-town atmosphere where you could just ask anybody, and they would give you detailed instructions of how to get where you want to go!

Saskatchewan is so flat, you can see your dog running away for three days!
Marvin Hlavac
The population of Craven, Saskatchewan is under 300 people for most of the year except when it hosts one of the music festivals Ken mentioned.
You guys are just great! I read all of the responses to my wife and it is the best laugh we have had for a while (obviously we lead a rather quiet life here in Arizona). I did download the 2010 trial version today, and with your responses and my experience today I will probably purchase it when the trial period runs out. I also took a test drive today with my computer in the passenger seat, experimenting with "missed stops" and purposely going "off route". Great fun!

If you are lucky, S&T 2011 will be out before your 2010 trial expires!

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