Which GPS receiver for Windows 7 & Microsoft Streets and Trips?
I got Streets and Trips installed onto my Windows 7 PC. Now I need to buy a GPS receiver. Looking through this forum, I noticed there seems to be a problem with connecting GPS receivers, Streets and Trips 2010 and Windows 7.

Can anyone recommend a GPS receiver which will work with the program and my PC?

Ken in Regina
The simplest thing would have been to buy the version of Streets&Trips that is bundled with its own GPS receiver. If it's too late to exchange it, one receiver that works well is the GlobalSat BU-353.

Hi Ken! Thanks for the quick answer! But, as I read today in the another forum, there is any problem with the driver for this receiver when installing it with Windows 7. What can you say about that?
The BU-353 has both 32 bit and 64 bit drivers available. It works fine with Windows 7.

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