ALK CoPilot Live 8 Laptop has been released
I saw that but the only information I could find was that ALK went to TeleAtlas in mid 2009. Strange to have both.

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As far as I know, ALK uses its own navigable map data for USA/Canada. It seems that there is also *some* data from either NavTeq and/or TeleAtlas, but it likely is not the actual road maps.

If an ALK rep is reading, they are welcome to comment, or perhaps DieselBoss may have inside info.

To the best of my knowledge, ALK doesn't have its own road maps for Europe so it licenses it. I'm not sure if ALK currently uses Navteq or TeleAtlas as its map data provider for its European CoPilot version.
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CoPilot has the NavTeq license info in the program itself.

As for the Android/iPhone versions, they announced last week (maybe 2 weeks ago) that they were going to offer the GPS program for FREE. What it has, or doesn't have, I have no clue.

Before I bought the Truck Laptop version, I bought the standard Android version just to test it. After about 2 weeks, I paid the extra for the laptop's version. From using the 2 versions, they look and act about 99% the same - the only difference is in areas where the screen size itself limits what can be displayed.
ALK has a free version for Android that provides mapping, but not navigation. They have a "Standard" Android version for only $4, which provides basic navigation but without a lot of the other features, and no 3D views. The premium Android version is $20, and it has more features than the current laptop version (v8) for $100.

Premium Vs. Standard Features:
Ken in Regina
Re: the Navteq license info... Garmin's City Navigator North America has a similar situation. Although the roadmaps are from Navteq, it also contains DMTI Spatial copyright info. Some of us in Canada hoped that meant it contained some of DMTI's excellent Canadian map data.

A query to a Garmin insider soon popped that balloon. Garmin only uses DMTI data for the postal code search.

ALK probably does something similar with a tiny piece of Navteq data.. Something that is way cheaper and easier to buy from Navteq than to do themselves.

ALK has it's own map database which is why they can make corrections so fast (the "MapSure" feedback system.) However at differing points in their long history they have supplemented "pieces" of the data (mostly POI and European stuff from what I can tell) with data from both TeleAtlas and NavTeq.

The general point though is that almost every GPS system and/or program relies heavily (or entirely) upon GIS and address data from NavTeq or TeleAtlas and ALK does not. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it is lacking (case-by-case.)
Hi all, this thread is 2 1/2 years old, but maybe you guys are still reading it. First off, thanks for having me. I have a Android that runs Google maps and all the bells and whistles of turn-by-turn, speech, speed, eta, etc. I also have a laptop/tablet 2 in 1, wi/fi, bluetooth, no GPS chip. I want to use the laptop similar to the Android as the laptop is a 10.1" screen, touch screen also and with the 2 in 1, the screen becomes a 'tablet'. AND it has a battery of 11 hours.

Will CoPilot V8 run with Win8.1?
What else do I need to make it work? BU353 S4?
Is that all I need? Is there a better alternative?
I was going to buy the Garmin Mobile PC (50.00) until I read it was discontinued.

Thanks for the help.
CoPilot Live v8 will run on Win 8.1. I am not sure if it is still being updated as, like most companies, ALK seems to be concentrating on their phone versions (and possibly the truck version).
A GPS such as the GlobalSat one you mentioned should be all you need. You might want to consider a Bluetooth one to free up your USB port.
GMPC, my favourite, is certainly no longer an option.

Thanks Terry. I found the V9 will also run on Win8.1. I don't need the "trucker" version, but no big deal. I couldn't find just a "car" version. Is there one? Is the V9 better than the V8? Looking for a BT dongle. Do you have a recommendation? Also, the USB 3.0 is on the keyboard dock. BT may be the only way to go, as there is a 2.0 micro USB on the tablet.

A USB OTG adapter will allow you to use the USB GPS with your tablet. Not much activity in the BT GPS field but anything from qStarz would be fine. Also, the Garmin GLO will work with CoPilot, just not S&T if you consider that program. qStarz GPS such as the BT-Q818XT will work with either of those programs.

There does not appear to be a v9 car version of CoPilot.

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