My ALK CoPilot doesn't detect USB GPS receiver
Hi, I am new to this, just bought Co-Pilot 11 for my Compaq Presario v3000. It has Windows XP. The USB GPS receiver wouldn't detect when searching for GPS. What is the problem?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Timael. Welcome to the forum. Did the USB GPS receiver come with the software, or is it a third party receiver?
Also, does it work with other GPS software? If so, which one(s)?
Try unplugging and plugging back in USB port, or try another USB port, too.
Did you go into the menu and try manual search for receiver?
Go into the Windows control panel device manager and see if it is creating a com port number for your device. It will do this for any receiver except the CP101. Use that com port number inside of CoPilot by choosing the "manual" setup option and set the baud rate to 4800.
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