How to install POI Mega File on a Windows 7 laptop?
I had downloaded POI Mega File for Streets and Trips on my old computer. I have a new one with Windows 7 now, and I cannot find how to download the pushpin program for the new computer.
I got the POI mega file and did the download. When I tried to open the file it stated that there was a format problem but did not give me a route to follow to set it right. thanks for your help. I am on the road and will try to down load later.
Did you download the zip or the stt format. If zip, you must unzip it first and Windows can do that. If stt, then maybe your computer does not have that file extension associated with S&T 2010. Try right clicking on the downloaded file and choosing Open. If the file is not associated with a program, you will get a list of possible programs to try. Choose S&T 2010 or click the browse button to find it.

Ken in Regina
Or just run Streets&Trips and use the FILE > OPEN menu to open the .STT file.

Thanks, I will try all your suggestions.
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