Garmin G2 Vision Maps not displaying all detail (probably to do with transparency)
Nico in SA
Hi guys,

Not really new here as I have been reading much of this forum with interest for a while, but only today decided to register and post as I have a problem that I cannot find a solution for in any threads

I have 2 sets of Garmin G2 Vision maps for different coastlines of Africa. One set works perfectly in Mapsrouce and nRoute, the other has big chunks of detail missing in ordinary display. I've gone around with GMapTool etc and created a seperate set of charts just to make sure all the info is indeed there, and created a seperate mapset with only the detail contours to confirm this.

I think pictures will make more sense, please see below. This first pic shows the standard map, with a chunk of detail missing over 1000's of KM (unfortunately my home base in the middle of this) - I have zoomed in to one of the cutoffs for clarity. The second shows exactly the same area, but the actually detailed contours edited into a seperate mapset, just to prove it is in fact there.

Anyone here have any experience with setting the correct transparancy and layer levels in the maps? The documentation of the tools I have is not great.

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