Correct format for latitude and longitude in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
I have been trying to enter locations using Lat/Lon, and am having no success. I know that it must be something simple, but let me give you a specific example. I have a location "N 50 00.244 W 096 46.395". It appears that it is a mixture of dd/mm/ss and decimal. I have changed the method of entry in the tool-options window to no avail. If you could suggest how this should be entered in the lat/lon option in the "find" window, I could use this as a template for all other addresses.
From my experience S&T likes coordinates in either a true decimal format (50.0041, -96.7733) or in a degrees minutes seconds format (50 00' 14" N, 96 46' 23" W) . There may be a couple of other ways to format your coordinates that Streets may accept but I have found it easier to use the decimal format.
Well, you need the superscript degree symbol... There is a thread on that... search "degree symbol." The other way is to download a simple lat/lon converter like Fuzzycalc to convert to decimals and use those... I think it is a freebie...
Note for others readin this thread: If you want to perform a search using Lat/Long coordinates you will need to enter them in the find dialog's lat/long tab rather than in the search box on the toolbar. It would be nice if you could enter the coordinates anywhere but such is not the case.

To open the find dialog press Ctrl+f. enter 50.0041 in the top box and -96.7733 in the one underneath and bingo.
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Thanks Larry, I have continued to learn on my own how to enter the coordinates while waiting for responses. Your suggestion reinforced what I finally discovered. What seems to work consistently is using three numbers separated by a single space, with the numbers representing, respectively, degrees, minutes, and seconds. No symbols seem necessary, but S&T will not accept degrees and then minutes with seconds represented as decimals of minutes. Since that requires a simple multiplier of 60 it seems to cause little inconvenience for me. I don't know why, but many of the locations which give their location as coordinates present these as degrees and minutes, with seconds represented as decimal portions of a minute.

There is an option to change the Lat/long format - you could give that a try if you haven't already and see if it helps.

note: The sample shown in the dialog doesn't update dynamically as you change the options. You need to close and re-open the Tools-->Options dialog to see the sample change.
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Yes, I have played with these various settings. It took me a while to figure out that regardless of the settings, longitude in the US and Canada will always be a negative number, using the letters N,S,E,W will fail to yield any results. I have only used this when I find something I want to visit while on vacation for which the coordinates are given but not street address (unusual, but occasionally happens). I haven't run across any other need for the feature.

I'd like to throw my $0.02 worth here and request that S&T provide a user setting to select the format that coordinates are displayed.

My personal favorite is: N36 57.312 W 80 17.576 but I can't get S&T do display it that way.
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