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Hi folks,

New guy here, so please take it easy on me for at least a day.

I own a truck that I pull oversize loads with. Mostly cranes. I recieve my routes from the states on my permits, and as you can guess they can be very strange. I love Microsoft Streets and Trips, and how I can drag my routes around to match my permits, but I'm sure it's very tough on the laptop leaving it run all day in a rig that might ride worse than a 1942 jeep. What windsheild brand GPS will allow me to import the routes I do in Streets & Trips to the windshield unit?

Thanks for your help
There are lots of threads on this subject on this forum... I recommend a search... But one thing to know is that S&T is only going to export your waypoints to the WS unit. The WS unit then will run those points through its own software, likely generating a different route.
Thanks and I will try the search

If all it will do is waypoints that won't work for me

Very large fines for being off route
(I know)
Marvin Hlavac

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

I think it is the mechanical hard drive, inside your laptop, that may potentially dislike the vibrations. Yet there are many truckers around who do use laptops, and even desktops, inside their trucks, and the mechanical hard drives last them for years.

SSD (Solid State Drives) have dropped in price quite a bit. They have no mechanical parts at all, so one doesn't have to worry about damaging them by exposing them to a bumpy ride. Additional benefit of SSDs is that they speed up your laptop quite a bit. I recently put an SSD into my new laptop. Streets & Trips no longer takes about 9 seconds to launch. It starts now in 3 seconds instead. I also installed an SSD into my daughter's PC. With her old mechanical hard drive it took 1 minute and 50 seconds to start her computer. With the new SSD, from the moment she presses the On button till she has a usable desktop, it takes only 30 seconds.

Also, a battery in a laptop equipped with an SSD will last longer since mechanical hard drives draw more power. SSDs are lighter, so your laptop will be a bit lighter, too.
Thanks Marvin
I have looked into SSD HD's for my Dell Latitude but have found nothing that's the same size as what's in it now

I think I may just buy a tossaway laptop and run my S&T on it.
The cost of a tossaway is about 1/10 of what a out of route fine is
ragold, I am also a trucker hauling oversize all the time!
I use Streets and Trips 2010 every day, my laptop is on all the time in the truck...Peterbilt.
I have no problems with my laptop, just be sure it's secure, and is getting plenty of airflow to the cooling fan.
Another option - especially if you are familiar with eBay - is to get your hands on a Panasonic Toughbook laptop. These are built for rough use...
I just use a compaq presario CQ60 that I bought at WalMart for $300...working great! And using the gps signal from my broadband card!
Marvin Hlavac
I have looked into SSD HD's for my Dell Latitude but have found nothing that's the same size as what's in it now
In my case, I couldn't afford a large SSD, so I opted for a size that was smaller than the mechanical drive I was replacing in the laptop, but still sufficient in size to hold all the software and data I needed.
I'm on my 2nd laptop in the truck. The first one lasted roughly 3 years. It still runs, but I started having issues with a couple of the USB ports.

The 2nd laptop has been in the truck 2 years now and still runs 100%. I don't do heavy-haul, but I do run everywhere in the country.
Thanks for all the help and advice
A used Toughbook may be the answer and Linechaser is correct they are priced right on ebay

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