Come to Arizona and be the FIRST to try Streets & Trips 2011

You'll be gone by the time I get there , I'll pass through there on my way to Lake Havasu about Feb. 12.

When will Streets and Trips 2011 be available for download?
Before Feb 12. It will be a big announcement on this forum I'm sure so you won't miss it.

I have been waiting and waiting for Streets and Trips 2011, I actually found this site from another site, that came from another site, LOL. I will drive there just to pick up the 2011, hopefully it has a lot of the new developments that have shown up in California. I visit about 2500 places per month, and its a drag when I have to use Onstar, or Google maps on the cell phone. I will be there bright and early on the 27th to pick up a copy, do you have an email address or number to which I can reach you? Thanks again, man have I been waiting, can't wait to show people I have 2011!

Flash M.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Flash,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

I don't visit 2,500 places per month like you, I need my maps for about that many addresses in a year, and even though streets don't change around me as much as around you, I'm also very much looking for a year-and-a-half fresher map data.
Well I am an independent contractor for a field servicing company. We do property inspections for some of the big banks. I service the Inland Empire area which is San Bernardino County. My county is larger then three of the States in the US. I cover a vast amount of space, the problem is there are lots of new developments and when I map alot of places there are bound to be "Not Mapped" areas and it stinks! Bing has alot of the places found, so I imagine Microsoft will have patched up alot of the missing areas. Of course I would have the year that Microsoft "Missed" a release date, but I have been waiting patiently for 2011, with all of the rumors I almost thought it was going to be discontinued. Anyways looking forward to rubbing it in to all of my other contractors that I have 2011 and they don't!!!!
Marvin Hlavac
Flash, when you get a chance to compare Streets and Trips 2011 to version 2010, please do let us know how much the mapping has improved in the new version in your area.
Just to be clear - what I will be handing out is FREE 60-day trial DVDs of Streets & Trips 2011 (while supplies last). I will NOT have any fully packaged product for sale. It will not be available for purchase until February.

Flash99 - I would love to meet you. Please send you cell number to me at streetsandtrips[at]hotmail[dot] com and I'll do my best to make sure you get a copy. Same goes for others as well. Quartzsite sounds pretty crazy - without cell numbers we'll never cross paths.
There's no possible way I can be there. Guess I'm out of luck.

I don't want to be the first to try the software. I want to be the first to buy the software. When will I be able to purchase it?
I'm here in AZ with a bunch of these:

Thanks to Steve Jones' Timezone data I noticed that even though the RV rally and my hotel are only 20 mins apart - they are in 2 different timezones. How weird is that?
Ken in Regina
Not all that weird, really. The line between time zones has to go somewhere, just like state borders. Anywhere along those lines there will be people physically close to each other but an hour apart in time or a state or even an entire country apart geographically.

We have a city in Saskatchewan where you can be across the street neighbours and be in both a different province and a different time zone (it straddles the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta).

But it's interesting to be in that situation, all the same. Have fun being on time!

Hi Larry,

Just curious. Now that the demo CD is being distributed is there any chance your allowed to give us a list of any new features that 2011 has added?
First, Larry, I (located in snow-bound New York) must express some envy of your being in Arizona.

But second, I was wondering if 60-day trials might now be downloaded from your corporate site in view of the fact that you are releasing trial versions of the same at the rally...
Quartz Site in AZ some years back was pretty much a secret, now there are Stores and a Micky Ds etc. etc. When I went there over the past 20 years it has Grown from a Prospector Winter Haven to a RVers Winter Haven which is Close to Gambling etc.
I am surprised that they have not built a Casino there yet.

Mike C,
What need to be in S+T from MS, is showing the Rest Areas, showing the Major Fuel Stops these are Key and Common Items shown on Various GPSs. There should be more items also, but, I am sure MS is Not Going to Address the above let alone more Sophisticated things. Success will and did Spoil Rock Hunter and most success companies and people, namely, Ford, GM, do I need to go on.
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