Wrong Pushpin Locations When Imported from Excel to Streets & Trips
When I import data from an Excel file, I'm having a problem with pushpins being placed in the wrong location. I've attached a copy of the spreadsheet that I've been using in testing out MapPoint and Streets & Trips and coming across the same problem.

You'll notice that Stores 6 & 7 are placed in the same location, and both are incorrect.

Also it has trouble mapping Store 13, and asks instead to place the pushpin generically at one end of the street, which is nowhere near where it should be.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Has anyone else found a remedy?

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The searchable street address data base (supplied, I believe, by Navteq) is far from perfect. Note that if you do manual search within S&T, your results will approximate the pushpin locations as done by the Data tool, so that won't improve matters. Many problems like this have been reported in this forum for other locales. Perhaps this will be improved in Streets and Trips 2011.

Pending that, however, I am afraid that pushpin locations (and I guess searched locations) need to be taken with a grain of salt and checked for accuracy.
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Hi Gtang -

I didn't look at all your points...but did make an observation. You mentioned that stores 6 and 7 are placed in the same location. However, they are in fact plotted across the street from each other. They may be located incorrectly on the street - but they are two distinct locations.

I've included an image that shows the stores plotted in S&T - zoomed in to see each store.

The image also includes the whitepages.com address for each store, as well as their plot in Bing and Google.

I'm interested to know if you feel the Bing plotting is more accurate. If so, I share Spades' curiosity as to whether S&T 2011 will offer improvement here. We should know in a few weeks!
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Based on your image...

Bing's is the accurate location.
S&T's pushpin's are the least accurate
Google's is appears to be smack in the middle of the two.
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Thanks GTang....should be interesting to see what the plot is in S&T 2011.
OK here is a sneak peak - just because I was curious after reading this thread.
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oh? Hmmm... Now I'm anxiously looking forward to Streets & Trips 2011 to arrive in stores as I'm working on a map of the places I intend to visit this year. S&T 2010 incorrectly attempted to plot me a route across the Bell St. bridge in Glendive, MT (it's closed to vehicles - I should instead be routed to the Towne St. bridge a block north).
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Nice! Thanks for the peak Larry!
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