Microsoft introduces Clearflow, new software technology for avoiding traffic jams
Marvin Hlavac
Microsoft introduces today a new and improved way to calculate the best way to get around traffic jams. It attempts to overcome one of the current limitations of traffic service implementations in GPS and mapping products, which is the lack of traffic flow data outside major highways.

The new service’s software technology, called Clearflow, was developed over the last five years by a group of artificial-intelligence researchers at the company’s Microsoft Research laboratories. It is an ambitious attempt to apply machine-learning techniques to the problem of traffic congestion. The system is intended to reflect the complex traffic interactions that occur as traffic backs up on freeways and spills over onto city streets.
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Let's hope this will indeed work well, and perhaps we may even one day see this technology in a future version of Microsoft Streets and Trips.
Steve S
Interesting item, especially the intended approach.

One of the things that we're seeing in spads in my metropolitan region is this "spill-over" effect. Because one of our freeways is closed, some of our major and minor arterial streets have back-ups of one-half mile or more at key intersections.

I agree with Marvin that it will be very interesting to see this new technique when (and if!) it debuts... and whether it works or not...!
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