Can Garmin Mobile PC receive GPS data from my Nuvi?
Does anyone know how to make Garmin Mobile PC receive data from a Nuvi 1300 GPS?
Mobile PC can receive data, but Nuvi doesn't send them.
Each Nuvi is different and I don't know if the 1300 can send GPS data to the computer. With my 750, the procedure is to power it on while not connected to the computer. Then press the battery indicator on the screen for about 10 seconds until the device goes into test mode. Connect the Nuvi to the computer and press the exit button.

If you can get that far, you might see if Mobile PC can find the data source.

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by popej
Mobile PC can receive data, but Nuvi doesn't send them.
As Terry mentioned, some Nuvi models can. You just need to know the right sequence of operations to do it. There is a thread in here somewhere that describes how to do it in a little more detail, but Terry just summarized it nicely.

Marvin Hlavac
This is one of the threads we have here that gets into the details a bit more: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2689-how-use-garmin-nuvi-gps-receiver-ms-streets-trips-via-gpsgate
Wow, looks like there is more success stories, than I expected.
If 1490 can send data, than 13xx should too, they use the same firmware.
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