Can't map the Skyline Drive in Microsoft Streets & Maps
I just started using Streets & Maps today and I'm having a tough time mapping the Skyline Drive through Virginia.

No matter what I do, it kicks me off the road towards the end and reroutes my trip, or if I try to add manual points along the way to force it, I get the following error:

Unable to get directions from location to location. One of the areas may not contain necessary connectors such as ferry routes or main roads. Move one or both of the stops, and try again.
I'm guessing it's because of a road closure. . . Is there any way to disable construction and closure info?

Hi Chris,

Give us the start and end points and let's see if we can duplicate what your getting.
Lots of good people on here that will help you out.
Hi Dan,
Thanks for the reply.

Here is a map with the start and end points set.


Sorry, can't open that. Why don't you just attach the est file to your post. Check under the 'Go Advanced' button for the 'Manage Attachments' section.

Ken in Regina
Did we already do Skyline Drive as part of the Blue Ridge Parkway discussion?

I tried the link and I get an Error 404, too. Bad link.

I get the error too...but the puzzle box is pretty cool. LOL
Ken in Regina
I thought it looked like someone got upset and stomped on a Rubic's Cube.

I have 7 maps I made for our upcoming trip from St Louis to the Blue Ridge Pkwy and home. I made each one (segment) from where we are staying overnight to the next overnight stay. Map #4 is the "Blue Ridge 4 Skyline Dr Lexington VA". If you have any need for the others I would be happy to send to you.
I am attaching a copy. Hope it helps you.
Mike Flannigan
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My Point...Exactly
Here's the LINK to the Blue Ridge Parkway discussion - options using 'Avoid Area' boxes and 'Way Points'.

Chris (Czucker) -

I've attached a map that follows the Skyline and Blue ridge.

For Skyline - I added a few random points along the route - ensuring the pins were on the road...and then chose 'calculate route'.

Even with the pushpins on the road, S&T tried to calculate a quicker route between two waypoints that pushed me off the Skyline.

To get back on to the route I wanted to travel - I placed the hand cursor over the blue route line that was off the Skyline and clicked. The line then becomes a teal color and then I dragged the line back on to the Skyline Drive that I wanted to follow. I only need to do this in one spot....the rest of the waypoints kept me correctly on the route of travel I wanted to follow.

Does that do the trick for you?

Below is a Park Service link to the drive. Has a great detail map you can zoom in to to see services along the route. Looks very cool - hope I can take this trip with my family soon!

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Tried the dropbox link and it worked this time. Attaching it here for the OP.
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