Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010
Ken in Regina
Marvin has answered your questions in the other thread you also posted them in.

I saw. Thank you. Sometimes queries to multiple fora work better because not all boards are monitored as frequently as others.
Ken in Regina
Not necessary here.

I have been using the trial ver. 8 days left.I keep getting the run around be it Amazon, Microsoft.I"m in Ca.as in Canada.
Is there a problem with our dollar?
I would have thought that on the trial ver it would have been simple to allow the ver to be purchased as all the data is on the HD no re installing.
I know it is unsupported or soon to be but hell,I want to buy it.

Any advice this side of the border would be greatly welcomed.
Thanks for that Ken.All the old est files have now been converted to gpx.3 more days on Trial so I suppose I can pass.
It seems when upgrading 2005 to S&T2010 the files are corrupt for using 2005.
Lucky I have 2005 on the other laptop so they are still intact.
After a bit of reading re new users to S&T. It seems to get things up and running can be,to say the least not as it should be.
When soon to be unsupported, what problems could ensue?
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