Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010
Thanks Marvin! That is one great thing about this group, someone usually has an answer very quickly to your question.
Marvin Hlavac
LOL, giving an answer is easy. But the question is now if the answer helps or doesn't help
Downloading as we speak. Thanks again!
Marvin Hlavac
S&T 2010 has been officially launched this morning:

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 2, 2009 -- Fall is just around the corner and so is the stress of holiday travel. As airlines continue to reduce flight schedules and increase baggage fees, taking to the road is becoming an attractive choice for many families. But before planning to hit the roads this fall and winter, travelers should schedule time to plan their trips in advance and equip their vehicles for the cold weather ahead to avoid potentially costly repairs and delays.

Planning a trip ahead of time and building in stops for meals, bathroom breaks, gas, and fun points of interest such as landmarks or museums is a surefire way to make sure everyone in the car has a smooth and enjoyable ride. With 1.7 million points of interest such as hotels, restaurants and national parks, the new version of Microsoft Streets & Trips is a great way to handle every aspect of a trip from beginning to end. With a fuel consumption manager, free road construction updates, and more ways to customize maps and routes, families can save money and time while planning trips according to their preferences. Once the trip is planned, travelers can quickly and easily send their route information directly to their handheld GPS device.(1) They can also share their route information with others; according to the American Red Cross, travelers should provide a friend or loved one with an itinerary for the trip, including the planned route and departure and arrival times. Consumers can use Microsoft Streets & Trips to easily e-mail an itinerary to friends and family -- a great tool for communicating trip plans to those sharing the adventure or those waiting to welcome the family home.

Once on the road, spoken street names and Voice-Prompted Directions will smoothly guide families to their destination. If they get off route, Automatic Re-Routing helps consumers get back on track after a wrong turn, which can decrease wasted gas and save valuable time. If they need to make an unexpected stop, the software's Find Nearby Places feature allows travelers to search a radius up to 50 miles to find select points of interest such as ATMs, hotels, mechanics, pharmacies and more.

"Microsoft Streets & Trips helps travelers be organized while offering flexibility and the convenience of choice," said Lori Stock, senior product manager for Streets & Trips at Microsoft Corp. "It will help travelers plan their vacations from beginning to end. From helping them choose stops along the way, to integrating with their GPS devices, Microsoft Streets & Trips gives consumers the tools to plan enjoyable and memorable family vacations, while avoiding the rush of a busy airport and ultimately saving money."

Preparation Helps Ensure a Safe Ride

Even with the best planning, fall and winter travel brings the potential for foul weather. Whether driving from door to door on Halloween or cruising down the freeway on the way to grandma's house for Thanksgiving, here are three tips to help you prepare for a safe and happy trip, rain or shine:
  • Vehicle maintenance is key. A quick check of weather-sensitive systems can prevent getting stuck on the shoulder of a snowy mountain pass. Check that fluids are at the proper levels and concentrations. A lack of coolant or windshield wiper fluid could freeze up travel plans before they even start.
  • Remember that wet roads mean longer stopping distances. Rain, oily buildup and wet leaves on roadways greatly increase the amount of time required to stop. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that tires should have at least 1/16-inch of tread and be inflated to manufacturer specifications. Bald or improperly inflated tires are no match for a rainy freeway or soggy leaves on neighborhood streets.
  • Pack plenty of supplies. Before leaving, check that the emergency kit is stocked and there are plenty of drinks and snacks for all passengers. Using Microsoft Streets & Trips to map out gas stations along the route will enable quick and easy fill-ups.
Microsoft Streets & Trips is available now for an estimated retail price of $39.95.(2) Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS Locator is available for $69.95.(2) Or give Streets & Trips a test drive by downloading a free 60-day trial version at microsoft.com/streets/travel.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

(1) Sending information to a GPS device must be done via USB or MSN Direct (subscription required after trial period expires). Separate download of free plug-in may be required. Not all GPS devices are supported. See microsoft.com/streets/devices for more information.
(2) Estimated retail price. Actual retail price may vary.

For more information, press only, or to request a review unit of Streets & Trips or Streets & Trips with GPS Locator:
Dawn Myrah, Edelman, (503) 471-6817, dawn.myrah@edelman.com

My Point...Exactly
Thanks Marvin. Still no 'nod' to business users I see
Marvin Hlavac
That may never happen, Keith, since Microsoft MapPoint is the product marketed to businesses. But yes, not every business needs the additional functionality MS MapPoint provides. Streets & Trips is likely all that a traveling business person will ever need to manage his/her territory.
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
I see that the behavior of GPS trail has changed...
Marvin, are you quite sure about that?

I just tried it on a previously-created GPS trail (having just downloaded 2010, I do not have any new GPS trails) and I found I was able to select the trail, alter it manually (including color), save it and paste it.

I don't see why that won't work for a 2010-created GPS trail.
Rename Route Stops

Rename Route Stops is one of those new features in 2010 that is comparatively minor but really adds a lot of 'usability' to route planning. Thanks for that MSFT.
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Marvin Hlavac
Good catch, SpadesFlush. I quoted you on page 1 of the review.
I'm on my 3rd attempt at downloading the trial today. The first 2, I lost my connection before it completed (last attempt got up to 85%). Now I'm sitting still and will be for the next 12 hours. Can't wait to try it out.

I still wish they'd add a true driving mode for entering a stop, however, just as Marvin suggested.
Marvin Hlavac
Hey, for a huge download like that you should use a download manager. Doesn't a download manager start automatically? Try downloading it with Internet Explorer perhaps.

I agree with the "navigation mode" idea. At least what could be done is just a simple addition of one button to the existing full-screen menu bar on top of the screen. Beside the existing mute, recalc., night/day buttons, there could be a new "Enter Destination" button added. In addition to that, just let people choose if they wish to start the program in full-screen mode. Then we could perhaps stop hearing from new users that S&T is just too hard to learn as a navigation software.

The following are three gorgeous photos Gladwin uploaded to his album here at the site. (Unregistered visitors are most welcome to register to gain access to view more pictures like these in member's albums, and gain access to other features of this forum.

Malaki86, perhaps if you try the download late at night when systems tend to be quieter you might get a clean download. I started mine right before I went to bed and it was done by the time I woke up.

I hope MisterMoonlight is working on a 2010 version of his "Keys." I certainly miss not having Keys with 2010 already. If you are, Mister, I would like to suggest some sort of quick short cut to shift it into Full Screen Navigation mode. This is a particular problem with my UMPC because the small screen (and no keyboard) makes it quite fiddly to go Full Screen.

FWIW, I prefer to use S&T in Portrait screen orientation. It has the advantage of increasing the proportion of screen space devoted to the map pane while decreasing (without losing anything) that of the Driving Guidance pane. Also, seems better to have the direction of travel going up the length of the screen rather than across the width, if you know what I mean. 2010 seems to handle that OK, pretty much the same as 2007 did.
Originally Posted by SpadesFlush
FWIW, I prefer to use S&T in Portrait screen orientation. It has the advantage of increasing the proportion of screen space devoted to the map pane while decreasing (without losing anything) that of the Driving Guidance pane. Also, seems better to have the direction of travel going up the length of the screen rather than across the width, if you know what I mean. 2010 seems to handle that OK, pretty much the same as 2007 did.
I wanted to do the same thing with my ASUS r2h UMPC. Unfortunately programs don't work at 480x800 and I couldn't get rotation to work with the faked up 1024x600 this device provides.

Firefox has a download manager built in, but for whatever reason, once a file fails to complete, it won't resume. You've gotta completely re-download.
Terry, you make me glad I went with the Viliv S5.
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