Review: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010
Click 'n' Drag Routing

This feature was always there in the product but now has been given some cool UI changes for easy discoverability.
  1. Move your cursor over the route you want to change. The cursor changes to a small hand when it is positioned over the route.
  2. Click and hold the segment of the route where you want the new stop, and then drag the cursor to the location where you want to add the new stop. A dotted line stretches from the current route to wherever you drag.
  3. Release the mouse button. Your route snaps, or is redrawn, to include the new stop, and subsequent stops are renumbered.
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Marvin Hlavac
It seems that Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 has finally arrived!!!

Since before Streets & Trips 2010 was launched, the posted pre-order price was $44.45 (about $5 more than MSRP). A few minutes ago I noticed the posted price dropped to $37.99, and also the "Ships in 1 to 3 weeks" has been removed.

I still don't see the S&T2010 w/GPS package available for order, but I know it is coming, too (I received one box a week ago).

Sorry, Streets and Trips 2010 is not yet available in Canada. Microsoft Canada usually launches this product a few weeks after the launch in the U.S.

Thanks for that.


Mike Flannigan
My Point...Exactly
I am very pleased (and pleasantly surprised) to see a reference for Streets and Trips use in business on their new 2010 website.

S&T is a fantastic tool for Real Estate (and all) Sales People - and I'm gratified to see Microsoft 'dipping their toe' into the business end of the marketing pool.

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Marvin Hlavac
Bob (a.k.a. RsH) asked me to delete his several postings in this thread regarding the GPX Import/Export feature. He wanted to write one single post instead.

He opened a new discussion thread in the Wish List section. It is a summary of his tests and suggestions for possible feature improvements in future Streets & Trips versions.

If you work with GPX files, please do give this new feature a try in Streets & Trips 2010, and then add your thoughts and suggestions to Bob's thread.

Bob has done extensive work with geocoding photographs, he has tested various software and hardware related to geocoding, and his feedback has been very valuable and is appreciated.

Here's the link to Bob's new thread: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2410-gpx-details-wish-list-fixes-2011-a

P.S. While deleting Bob's posts, I also removed replies to them, since they would no longer have meaning in this thread. For now the replies have only been "soft deleted", so if anyone objects to me removing them, please do let me know. It only takes a few mouse clicks for me to put them back, if needed.
Well, guess we'll just have to continue clicking on each stop, setting the scheduled stop for 5 minutes or how ever long you plan to stop at that location, and then hit the next one. If you plan on doing a route with 40 stops in a day, clicking each one and adding your stop time becomes tedious. Perhaps the 2014 version will have it?

Glad to see they fixed the 3 to 4 mph that showed up, while sitting still.

I was hoping to see them return to the older, cleaner, neater style pushpins as they had a few years ago.

Besides a few roads that have been there for years, now being recognized, some things just take time to change. There are several lakes in Oklahoma that have been there for years, that still show roads going through them. One particular lake has only been there for the past 7 years. So what should I expect?

Since I already have the major highways that have been completed for the past several years, already marked on my 2009, I think I'll wait for the next version to come out. Not enough important changes to justify the price. 2010 should have been a free update. IMHO.
Tom Bernardi
I love the new Show/Hide pushpin sets feature - one that I didn't mention, but really wanted. One question - assuming you use an item in a set as a stop, when you "Hide" a set, does it keep that stop in the itinerary? In previous versions, if you deleted a set to not show it, it would delete any stops associated with the set.
Tom Bernardi
Hi Tom,

The answer to your question is YES. If you have added any or all of the imported pushpins as stops, hiding the pushpin set does not delete the route. It simply hides the pushpin icons.

If you delete the set then all pushpins are deleted including the ones used as stops.

Download the 60 day free trial and play around with the new pushpin features I think you'll like them.

Marvin Hlavac
I am very pleased (and pleasantly surprised) to see a reference for Steets and Trips use in business on their new 2010 website.
Keith, have you found the new Streets & Trips 2010 now to be more suitable (or at least equally suitable) for your sales training when compared to the old 2008 version?

I love the new Show/Hide pushpin sets feature
Tom, I think from now on it will be more practical for users of Streets & Trips to use downloadable POI databases, and to work with pushpins in general, than it ever was in the past. In the past, the performance of Streets & Trips degraded when there were thousands of pushpins displayed on the map and we were trying to use GPS features. Now we can use our pushpins while planning our trip, and then we can simply hide them, and the performance should be unaffected.
Tom Bernardi
Thanks Larry and Marvin,

Can't download now - on an RV trip with limited bandwidth. Looks like I will have to pick up my copy at a box store or Amazon when I get home in a week.

That is a great feature - SA had it and I was about to try to switch [again], but this makes it an easy decision - stay with S&T!
Tom Bernardi:

If you're interested, Amazon has it for $37.99, delivered (2 days). I'm expecting my copy today.


Mike Flannigan
My Point...Exactly
Hi Marvin – any version of streets and trips is more than suitable for use in sales!

I’m going through the 2010 version now, and look forward to offering up more comment in the near future.

I’m very pleased to see the back and forward feature return in 2010. I also really like the ‘Hide Pushpin Set’ feature. This will be useful for hiding the ‘chaff’ when searching an area for a specific quality of prospect.

I’m looking forward to trying out the ‘send to GPS device’ feature with my Garmin. This will hopefully prove useful when I’m taking short trips with the family. However, when I’m traveling for sales, I’ll continue to use my laptop as my navigation device because:
  1. I have to have it with me anyway,
  2. It already has my thousands of prospects loaded to it
  3. I need it to play ‘what if’ scenarios when plans change
  4. It’s got booming sound when played over my car stereo speakers
  5. And I love the next turn instructions repeated every time I hit the space-bar.
By the way – here’s a tip I give my sales rep customers – cut a piece of the ‘fuzzy’ side of a Velcro fastener strip. Affix it to your spacebar. Make sure its thin enough that it doesn’t press against the laptop screen when closed. Now when you’re driving – keep your eyes on the road, and reach over, feel the strip, and tap the spacebar for your next driving instruction.

Bottom line: Streets and Trips users who are familiar with 2008 will be conversant with 2010 – and my first impression is 2010 is worth the investment.

But regardless of the version of Streets and Trips you are using – this software is a phenomenal tool for the mobile sales professional (including the Real Estate Sales professional) and it is a joy to work with!
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My Point:

I too am playing with my new 2010. I've used S&T's for more years than I can remember and think it is great.

I'm going to try it with my Garmin GPS in the next couple of days. I'll post my findings here if there is anything important to say.

Maybe you would consider doing the same ?


Mike Flannigan
My Point...Exactly
Will Do Mike!
When I try to "Detect GPS" (see photo 1) it keeps popping up a window that says; "No GPS receiver detected" (see photo 2). My Garmin 880 is plugged into the computer and is recognized by "My Computer" as Garmin Nuvi in the dropdown. I have restarted computer with unit plugged in and tried several times with the same pop up "No GPS receiver detected". I opened Map Source and transferred to the GPS successfully. (see photos 3 & 4).
Does anyone have any idea as to why I can't get Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 to recognize my GPS?
Mike Flannigan
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