PC mapping software needed for planning bus tours
Thanks to Marvin H, I have learned of this site. He responded to a question that I had about Streets & Trips.

I am in search of a good laptop program to figure bus tours. I need to be able to write the itineraries based on this program. What is helpful to me is one that will automatically show rest areas, travel plazas, and at times points of interest. I need something that can figure and select interstates for motor coaches. I need something that can give accurate driving times. I use different motor coach companies that have different driving speeds. Example, one company limits their coaches to 65 miles an hour. Others go much faster on the interstate.

I saw a review of ALK CoPilot that might do the needed services for me.

Any suggestions based on the information given.

Thanks for a speedy reply.
CoPilot Truck is good for the buses, but it doesn't do the time scheduling like Streets & Trips does. I drive truck OTR and actually use both programs - CoPilot for my navigation and Streets for my time planning. The 2 together are a great combination. I always start by putting my 2 end points into Streets, then see where I'll need to stop for my sleeper time. Once all that is done, I put the same stops into CoPilot (in the same order).
Malaki, how does the "SET ARRIVAL TIME" work. Can you use this function with each stop or only the final stop and can you incorporate rest time with the Set Arrival Time?

Then select Routing Type with each Bus Lines?
I've never used the 'Set Arrival Time' in CoPilot. In fact, I don't remember seeing it (I'm sure it's there, but I haven't seen/looked for it).

I stayed up late last night and played around with it. Not sure it will do what TCTT would like. All of the tools are there to make it work if ALK would put their minds to it. I will add this to your list. About