Problem installing additional Mapset into Garmin Mobile PC on Windows 7
Ken in Cape Breton
I'm having a problem installing an additional Mapset into Garmin Mobile PC on a Windows 7 Enterprise system.

I've just been given this laptop to use and am loading it up with software I usually use. I've piled on Google Earth, Chrome & Tool Bar. I've added Garmin MapSource & Mobile PC and have added MetroGuide Canada (not locked) Ver. 5 all onto this machine and up dated to the latest versions.

Everything seems to be working fine so far except I can't add the MetroGuide Canada 5 to Mobile PC. MapSource sees Mobile PC as a device and will send and receive a waypoint back and forth but it won't accept the mapset. It goes through the usual process building the index files and building the map set but stops at the end, popping up a dialog box saying:

"There was a problem communicating with the Garmin device. Access is Denied"

I've tried with a small mapset (only 15 maps) but it still gives the same error message. I've tried it with Mobile PC open or closed, same result. I tried it with an older version of MapSource and the original Mobile PC. No go.


I'm guessing it has something to do with something in Windows 7 which I've never used before. Any ideas / suggestions?
Try running MapSource in Administrative mode before you start the transfer. I have not experienced the problem but often, this is an issue. No guarantee but it is easy to test!

Right click on the MapSource icon and select 'Run as Administrator'.

Ken in Cape Breton
:-) Hi Terry,

That was the trick I didn't know about. I worked.

Thank you.

Ken H.
Ken in Regina
Hi Ken,

There is a simple way to get around this sort of problem any time you want to create a mapset for use in anything, including Mobile PC, and are having trouble persuading Mapsource to find the device or write to it.

If you stick an SD card into your card reader on the PC, Mapsource will let you compile and transfer the maps directly to the SD card. Once that's done, you can then copy the GMAPSUPP.IMG file to wherever you need it.

This will also work with a USB flash drive.

When you get the "Transfer to" window, in the list of "devices" you will see any removable media listed as well as Garmin devices. Just select the appropriate drive and the transfer will go ahead as usual. Mapsource will create a /GARMIN folder on the SD or flash drive and put the GMAPSUPP.IMG mapset file there. Then you can do as you please with it.

Ken in Cape Breton
Hi Ken,

Thanks for that tip too. I may make up a GMAPSUPP.IMG file as you've suggested and save it for future use.
Ken in Regina
I have a few of those on my hard drive in case one gets corrupted on one of my GPS devices. I rename them to something meaningful like "CNNA2010.3-Canada-NWUSA_MGCv5-all_TOPOv4-SK-AB-BC.img". Much quicker to copy one of them to an SD card for the device than to recompile.

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