Any way to use OVI maps in any computer software?
Dear all,

I am asking if we can use or convert Nokia OVI maps to any computer software like Garmin or any another software because I think that it's map is the best in the Middle-East and some region in Europe, so is there any possible way to use OVI maps on a computer software ?

Thanks in advance.
Ken in Regina
It is usually not possible to convert map formats for use in other software. But Nokia owns Navteq. So probably the Nokia OVI maps are using Navteq data.

Navteq is a major map data supplier to Nokia and many other companies, like Garmin and Microsoft.

Garmin has a City Navigator Middle East map product that you can buy. If you buy the DVD version, it installs with a copy of their Mapsource program so you can view the maps on the computer to do planning.

It will be easier to help if you can say what you want to do with the maps on the computer. Do you just want to do planning? Or do you want to be able to do realtime navigation?

Have you tried using Google Earth on the computer to look at the Middle East with their maps? Google Earth has good coverage of North America and Many places in Europe.

First of all many thanks key for your reply. I am working on a computer car project.

I want to have a navigation software for computer that had real-time navigation and planning and working offline (without internet).

So Google Earth, Maps (required internet).
Garmin Middle East maps not detailed like OVI maps or Google Maps.

Ii tried Google maps catcher to download the map and browse it offline, but I got only a small area form the country!

So do you have an suggestion for me?
Ken in Regina
I can't help with any other navigation program suggestions because I am not familiar with the maps and that is very correctly an issue for you. Without good maps it makes no difference how good the navigation software is.

It is easy to find other Middle East maps from other suppliers that will work on Garmin devices. But I can't recommend Garmin's Mobile PC. It is no longer being sold by Garmin and their support for it was never very good.

Google Earth has a 2GB disk cache and you can get a huge amount of map data stored in the cache to use while you do not have an internet connection. You will be astonished how large an area can be stored in the disk cache. The only problem is that you must manually browse the area you want while you have a connection so it will be in the cache after you disconnect.

I'm not familiar with the "catcher" program but I assume it allows you to make it go download the map data you want and put it into the cache instead of you having to browse the maps manually? If so, it sounds like it is not working very well or you are not selecting a large enough area.

EDIT: Is this the program you meant by "catcher"?

Thanks for your reply

Yea that what I used to catch some areas, but it was usefulness for me.

I tried before Garmin Mobile PC, but as I said before Middle East map wasn't good.

So there's only one solution for me is to convert Navteq maps to be compatible with another software? Could you please tell me about some good navigation software with the ability Navteq maps or I can convert maps to work with it ?

Thanks and regards
Ken in Regina
Is this the Garmin Middle East map you have looked at?

Have you searched on the internet for Middle East maps to see what is available and what navigation they will run with?

Have you looked at the site to see if you can get some more information there? Very many of the users on that site live in the Middle East or are very familiar with it.

Thanks key for your answer.

Ii have already searched before for Middle East maps and got Garmin Map, and tried it before, but I don't like it like OVI maps! :S.

And about, it's my first time to see this website, so I'll check what's going on it! And many thanks for your help.

Appreciated and my best regards.
Ramy. About