How to change the Start & End driving times in Streets & Trips Profile?
When I originally set up my profile, I set it to leave always at 9am and return by 5pm, I need to clear that, how do I do it.
Select the "More Options" button, at the bottom of the Route Planner Panel (in Streets and Trips 2009). You can set the "Start Driving" and "End Driving" times in the "Profiles" tab of the pop up that appears after clicking the "More Options" button.
Wayne in Red Deer
You can also set your departure time for individual stops or days by clicking on the "route planner" button and then right click on any one of your stops and then choose "schedule stop" from the drop down menu and then click on "depart at" and enter your departure time. I find that it works great if you are on a multi day trip and plan to leave a different times on different days and I also use it if I leave a stop during the day earlier or later than I planned and your arrival time for your next stops and end of day are also adjusted accordingly.

The product comes with a pretty good "Help" function that is easily accessed by, for instance, hitting the F1 button. That is usually a good place to start when one has questions about what can be done by the application.
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