Does GPX file import retain travel times and speeds in Streets & Trips 2011?
I haven't seen a trial version, and don't know if the GPX handling is improved over last year's mess yet.

Last year when importing a GPX file the times and thus the ability to compute the speed were not imported, only the lat and long. That is rather useless in computing travel times and speeds against gas consumption, or determining how long one was stopped at a specific location. I want it all to be imported as well as later exported. I have other programs that indeed will allow that, such as RouteConverter, from Germany, but would like S&T to be able to do it so that I do not need to keep switching programs.
I haven't played with the GPX portions in MapPoint/Streets&Trips, but from what I remember, GPX tracks are imported as a series of pushpins?

In which case, where would the Time go? The whole lot would have to be a MapPoint dataset (in which case it would be a datetime field, and you would probably need a more expensive piece of software: MapPoint), or it will be a standard general purpose pushpin and the time would be in the text "Notes".
The latter would probably be useful to you, but in the more general case a bit limited (okay I'm thinking how it would work in MapPoint here as well - it would have to do the same in both - they share the same code base).

This question requires testing with the 2011 version to see if that prior method has changed or not. I can always use RouteConverter to see it retained in a product that displays the route taken via Google maps, satellite view or other map products, but would like 1 product and not two if at all possible. I know that 2010 used the 'pushpin' logic... and I wrote to MS at the time that was NOT the way to go. So unless you have tested this on the 2011 version your information only replicates what I already know they did in 2010. That is not particularly helpful.
Marvin Hlavac
Bob, there has been no change to GPX from version 2010 to Streets & Trips 2011.
<time>Invalid DateTime-05:00</time> is now showing up in the EXPORT of the imported GPX file for each LAT and LONG that is imported. <time>2011-02-10T02:14:22Z</time> would have been the correct entry for the first record of the imported file. in the 2010 version I have confirmed that the Invalid DateTime-05:00 was NOT in the export at all. So they HAVE made a change, but have done it incorrectly! Please let them know that, Marvin, or put them in touch with me. Clearly they are TRYING to import the DateTime information, but not getting it right.

Note the following errors.
1. Invalid DateTime was not invalid on the import, so what they were expecting is an unknown to me right now.
2. that -05:00 is verboten by the GPX standard. ALL time is to be in Zulu time! So that .05:00 S/B Z for Zulu or GMT or 00:00.
What happens if you edit the GPX file to eliminate the minus sign?
Why would you do that?

1. That -05:00 is simply the time zone correction for Eastern Standard Time, which is what the COMPUTER is showing is the correct time zone for where the computer is located.

2. It is in the OUTPUT from Streets and Trips 2011. It was NOT there in the input file, so it was produced on the export of the GPX file. The input file had the correct date and time in the required format according to the GPX standard.
From another thread, for trip planning, S&T has no idea of date the travel is planned for, but the <time> element requires a full date & time in UTC. Lacking that information, S&T should not be exporting the <time> element at all for a trip plan, let alone exporting a garbaged tag in the wrong sequence.

Edit: the locations do import as route stops, not push pins, and S&T can calculate the trip for them.
So far, so good. But can they be converted to something ov2 will understand as route stops? I have not yet found where CoPilot stores routes but the demo trips have a trp extension. They are notepad readable.

If CoPilot can load a TRP file, can you attach a demo TRP file here so I can get a look at the format? From there I can make a converter from GPX.
They are included with the program but I haven't figured out how to load them yet. Maybe just something ALK had left over and threw in to use up space!

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I am not talking about trip planning, I am talking about post trip analysis of a GPX record of the trip that WAS taken. The GPX file imported then has the date and time information in it and that can be used to show you the speed being traveled, etc. IF it is handled correctly. RouteConverter does handle it correctly, and S&T simply does not! There is no good reason for mishandling that data when it is available in an imported GPX file.

I agree that if you are planning a trip the date and time information might not be useful, BUT even there if it was exported when you said stop for the night, when you were to import the GPX file into a different version of S&T, for example, it would now know where and when you had scheduled overnight stops, and would be able to set that up without your having to find each motel again and change that to show you are spending a night there. So even for trip planning for each stop they could show date and time artificially using the starting date as day 1 and then overnight stops to show day 2, day 3 and so on, since it could be in the GPX export file.
I think we got into the wrong thread, sorry RsH!

@tcassidy: I don't have the software, so I'll need an actual file.

@RsH: I'd need a track file from S&T in GPX to see what is captured. I would think if it's written as track points (versus route points) that it would reload the track as such, but I doubt there's any correlation mechanism from a historical track to start, much less continue, a planned route. The GPS should tell S&T where it is in the route and proceed to the next stop in the plan from there.
Ken in Regina

You need to go back to the start of this thread to get RsH's comment into context. He is interested only in Streets&Trips and GPX track files.

The difficulty he is trying to deal with is that when GPX file import and export was implemented in Streets&Trips Microsoft chose to completely ignore the date/time stamps in track files, whether it's importing them or exporting them.

Anyone who has used track files for viewing/analyzing a trip after the fact knows that track files are essentially useless without the date/time stamps.

All RsH wanted to know is whether that was corrected in 2011.

I'm pretty sure the answer to that is, No.

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