MacBook Pro Bootcamp success with Microsoft Streets and Trips
Slickrock Red
Hello everyone, much thanks to all of you who created this website and those who have posted here with information that helped me get to this point.

I registered today because I've been searching through posts here and elsewhere on the web for a good four weeks now for verification as to whether any of the laptop GPS systems work on a Mac laptop using a GlobalSat GPS. Surprisingly, there are very few reports at all, and those that exist seemed to indicate various problems, and I have read of no confirmations of successful setups here, or I overlooked those posts if they are here. So hence this post, I want to confirm for anyone else wondering about this, that for hardware I used a recent model Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz running with a Globalsat BU 353 USB GPS, and for software; Microsoft Street & Trips Trial which I downloaded yesterday. The GPS I got for $35. The installation went smooth automatically. The Mac came with Snow Leopard and it's updated to 10.6.6. I sliced the hard drive and installed Windows 7 64bit on a Bootcamp partition.

Last night I was about to download Microsoft Streets and Trips while I had Windows 7 running, but the Microsoft window indicated it would take 55 hours to download with our cable internet, and I guess I am an impatient guy, so I didn't stick around, I shut down Windows and booted up the Snow Leopard and downloaded it in about 7 or 8 minutes. Today I finished the project by starting up Windows 7 and opened the icon showing the Mac hard drive, found the ST_2010.exe file (Street & Trips installer) opened it in Windows and it installed automatically. Next I plugged in the GlobalSat USB GPS, opened Internet Explorer Browser and went to Global Sat's website and downloaded the latest software, installed it automatically without a hitch. (I didn't bother putting in the installation CD as I wanted the most up to date firmware anyway.) I was sure to unplug my USB mouse from my second USB port to be certain that only one external item, the GPS, was connected to the computer so as to not confuse the software (keep it simple). Next I opened up Streets & Trips, opened Tools, selected Configure GPS Receiver, Clicked Scan, and the scan found my GPS instantly at the USB port, and it all works! Wahooooo!!

Right away the GPS zoomed right in on this place, and marked us on the map. Interesting thing too is that I am on the first floor of a two story house, so the satellites were either picked up through both floors or else through the plate glass window I was sitting aside. I didn't even have to go outside to make it find the satellites! These GlobalSat BU-353 are obviously pretty powerful receivers and I am glad I trusted those here who recommended this model. Maybe if ever this one goes on the fritz I will try a Bluetooth unit next.

So now I have a laptop GPS for a total of just $35 for the next two months while I decide if I like Microsoft's Streets & Trips. I believe I read that one of the other software makers offers a free trial too, with the map printing capability disabled, and I may try that one too, forgot who it the maker is though. In general, I want the GPS for navigating, and I think as time goes on I may be more interested in the other features these things do. For now I want the simplest, most intuitive software. I wish Delorme and Garmin would offer a trial version to try, but it appears they don't. I think I read here, that Garmin makes the most intuitive of the bunch? I also recall reading that one person here could not get iGuidance to work on their Mac Bootcamp , but it could be that the latest Mac Bootcamp setup with Windows 7 is smoother?

One thing I should make clear if I haven't, I read a few posts indicating confusion about setting Macs up with these wares; in this case I did not use any virtual software like Virtual Box, VM Ware Fusion, nor Parallels to run Windows. (though someday I may try that) I also did not have to utilize Mac Snow Leopard at all, I instead shut down Snow Leopard and booted up Windows in full, and then ran Streets & Trips entirely within Windows. Bootcamp partitions allow Windows to run pretty much exactly as it does in a PC. One way to look at it, the recent Apple computers are in essence PCs ever since Apple redesigned them around the Intel processor.
I'm a fellow Apple user and have had just as good success running Windows through VMWare Fusion (and Parallels in the past) - for the sole purpose of using Streets & Trips. If the flipping back and forth gets annoying, the two apps I just mentioned will let you use the Boot Camp partition as the location of the virtual machine. JUST keep in mind that you will need the usual suite of protection software for the Windows side (AVG, Spybot, etc.).
I can say I have tried RouteBuddy (an OS X native mapping app) and for the money, it's a lot cheaper to do what you just did.
Ken in Regina
Garmin has discontinued Mobile PC.

iNav's iGuidance is similar in many ways as a navigation program.

Yay for you!

I feel your pain...I wen through the same thing with my Intel-based MacBook Pro about a year ago. Another option you may want to consider (I have the BU-303) that has worked really well is DeLorme's software. I had an extra copy of Windows XP, but it will also run on Windows 7 on Boot Camp and it's $30. Great!! interface and very user-friendly.
Ken in Regina
A word of caution for our international users, DeLorme's products are great in the continental USA but not so good anywhere else. The Canadian maps are just so-so and the address search in Canada sucks.

Slickrock Red
I appreciate each of your input here regarding GPS with Macs.

Thanks for the input regarding VMWare Fusion, I have indeed been thinking about that, from what I understand at the moment it beats out Parallels for most considerations and until now I had not yet heard of it's use with Street and Trips. Occasionally the virtual software doesn't work with certain software of all sorts.

When I get the time I may try to see if the free open source "Virtual Box" rival of Parallels and VMWare Fusion works, since I haven't yet shelled out any money for VMWare.

Good to know Delorme's software works too, if it suits me better than Street and Trips, ie., more intuitive I may go that route.

Re: Routebuddy I thought I read it isn't very good yet? Do you like it or do you prefer one of the other methods?

It is good this info is concentrated here and getting out there for others to read. I hope people who google laptop gps on a macbook pro find this.
Well, Slickrockred, I found the thread when I googled this topic. I have been running Streets and Trips '09 on a Lenovo S10 netbook for the last 2 years, and have been contemplating switching over to an Apple Macbook Air 11" with their just announced upgraded processor and Lion OSX. I drive a truck for a living so I use Streets and Trips almost every day with the GPS function and the Lenovo netbook mounted on my dash. I love the Streets and Trips, and my concern would be how reliable it would be to run it on a Mac (with Lion) almost every day. Has anybody been running Streets and Trips regularly and found it to be reliable, i.e. no hiccups once you have it set up right?
Slickrock Red
It runs fine on the Macbook Pro, which is really the same as a Mac Air, other than the latter having a thinner base and fewer ports to connect with, but both have USB.

Setting up Windows on a Mac is a hassle though, closing the Mac OS X and rebooting to open up Windows is a hassle, which is what I have had to do.

It would seem to me the ultimate in your case is to have a computer with just Windows, one that has a touch screen, but I have never done that, just read it is the best method to avoid typing while driving.

Good luck.
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