Any way to use Pharos USB GPS-360 with Windows 7 64bit?
Dear all,

I have a GPS-360 that came with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005. It worked in Vista (32bit) without any updates or new drivers, but will not work on my new Windows 7 64bit Toshiba laptop. When I plug it in to a USB port I get the message "Device driver software was not successfully installed" and it shows up as a USB-Serial Controller.

Downloading and running PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_10311.exe makes NO difference. Where exactly is the driver located when it is installed, so I can manually search for it during the add new hardware or Update driver, because Windows 7 is not finding it.

The light in the GPS comes on and clearly Windows 7 detects it and seems to realize it some sort of USB-serial device.

I have tried different combination of uninstalling the device, plugging it in, running the driver installer, rebooting, then plugging the GPS in. Uninstalling the driver and device and trying a different sequence.

Thanks in advance.
Ken in Regina
You need to download Prolific's 64-bit driver. At least I think they have one.

I have try all Prolific's drivers with no succes.

Thanks for your comment.
The driver included with Streets & Trips 2011 works with earlier versions. I used the driver successfully yesterday on a 64 bit Win7.
Where did you buy MSST 2011?
60 day Trial version. Just got it Friday. FMCA SEA Rally in Brooksville, FL.
Thanks, I will try it.
Did you look in Device Manager to see if it was there when you have the device connected to a USB port? It should be listed in the Ports (COM & LPT) section if the driver installed correctly.

I Terry,

Yes I did, I have (CODE 1) error "Device can not start"
I have download MS Streets and Trips 2011 and now everything works.

Thanks to everyone.
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