Error when opening Streets & Trips file: System memory low, hard drive space low
I have a saved 314k Microsoft Streets and Trips file that will not open because I am getting a system resources memory or hard disk is low. I have Gigabites of hard drive space and 1/2 Gig of still available memory. Is there a bug in the application that is causing this?

I get this message
System memory is low, please close all other applications and or free up space on hard drive.
I have no other applications open only Streets and Trips 2008. What could be causing this?
Hi lortech,

Do you have the ability to open this S&T file on a different machine?
If other S&T files open fine for you then this could be an issue with the file itself.
Not yet. I can create the file and use it, then save it, and get that error when trying to open up. It's frustrating as heck as all that work went into creating it, then cannot open it.
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