7" touch screens
Recently, I have seen a couple of references to a dash mounted 7" touch screen connected to a laptop in the back seat or truck sleeper cab. This might work for me as there just isn't room for my laptop in the front of my car.

What do people use for the touchscreen? Where can I get more info?

Marvin Hlavac
Glenn, quite a lot of people use either Lilliput or Xanarc touch screens for that purpose. I don't have experience with such setup myself, but I have been contemplating doing the same on several occasions.

I think one important thing when selecting such monitor is that the video input be VGA.

eBay is a popular source for these small touch screens.
I've had a 7" touchscreen in my truck now for about 2 years. I started with a Lilliput and loved it. However, when I tried to hardwire it into a powerstrip (12v), I fried the unit. I bought a Xenarc to replace it. I preferred the Lilliput, personally.

If you'd like to read more info on it, here's a link to my system:
laptopgpsworld.com About