Gateway CX210X - GPS PCMCIA Card Help
I have a Tablet PC that I use quite often, it is a Gateway CX210X running WindowsXP Tablet Edition. I am trying to figure out what PCMCIA card I can use with this Tablet PC so that I can use it as a GPS, I know that the Chipset for the Tablet is Intel, but the PCMCIA is Texas Instruments.

I would like to know if anyone knows of a PCMCIA Card that is Type II, compatible with the aforementioned OS, compatible with the Intel and Texas Instruments chipsets, and hopefully has the capability to have an external antenna.

Additionally, what software would I have to use with the card to get the functionality of most common commercial GPS modules that you can buy for your Car.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, and even more so for helping me out.
I don't think anyone makes a PC Card GPS antenna. You might find a PC Card to USB adapter assuming your tablet doesn't already have a USB port. I do have an ooold Socket Bluetooth Type 1 PC Card in my PDA but you can't get those anymore either as far as I know. If the tablet has a USB socket, even low speed 1.1, USB GPS devices are quite common.

EDIT. I see that tablet has 3 USB slots. Consider something like the GlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS and Microsoft Streets & Trips. That should be a good combination.

I've also got a Gateway CX210 thats been upgraded to Windows 7 -
I bought a Sandisk CF to PC Card adapter that works fine with a Ambicom model GPS-CF receiver. Originally used the Ambicom on an old Dell Axim Pocket PC.
The adapter was under 5 dollars If I remember right.
Interesting reuse of older products but, considering the Ambicom is no longer available, not particularly valuable these days. The reduction in price and modernization of GPS chipsets make USB GPS a far better approach these days. No adapter needed and they are much more sensitive. Also, the ability to place the GPS device independently of the laptop increases flexibility and reception possibilities.

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