Why is a route segment highlighted in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
A newbie wondering why a section of my route on I-90 near Ashtabula, OH is automatically highlighted in a different color?

That's for a construction area.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi WhoGotMeLost. Welcome to the forums. If you don't wish Microsoft Streets and Trips to display construction areas along the plotted route, you may disable the feature by clicking on the Menu BarRouteRoute OptionsProfileDisplay construction on route (remove the check mark, then click OK).
So, where would I have found this fact on the legend, or is this a guessing game?

"Road Construction Route Highlight" is mostly likely the S&T term for a construction detour route. But the unidentified portion of the route that I asked about just indicates a route segment with either active construction or not yet completed construction, correct?

Correct - you will only see it when you have a route. Check your directions and it will give you some explaination of what is going on in that segment as well as a time frame.

Thanks for pointing out the legend. I don't remember the construction highlight ever being yellow.
Colors...yellow and blue mixed make brown. The yellow highlight I am assuming is a shaded yellow over the blue and this is why it comes out that way.
Ken in Regina
Last time I watched the grandchildren playing with crayons, blue + yellow made green.

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