Streets and Trips 2011 Is Now For sale as a Download
Ken in Regina
Hi Margaret,

The free trial works for sixty days from the day you install it. It is fully functional, no limitations at all. If you don't purchase it before the sixty days is up, it simply stops working. As Marvin said, no downside.

Welll.. something new here. After the long download I get a notepad msg:
Setup has detected an existing verzion. You can not install the trial version on a computer thas has the full version installed.
The version I have is 2010.
Any ideas on what I need to do?
I'd try changing the default install folder to something other than that chosen by the S&T install program.

I know I have both version 2010 and the trail version of 2011 installed on the same PC. The 2010 version is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010\ while I put the 2011 in a folder called C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011\ Those 2 versions are running on a Windows 7 64Bit laptop.
Thanks, all is in order now. I noticed the Post Office near my home now shows.
Maybe they updated those. Last year I send several errors in to 'map feedback',looks like they are fixed as well. Hurrah !
I download the latest pushpin set from the Discovery Owners site and am ready to hit the road again next Tuesday.
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