Is it Possible to "Back" Convert AutoRoute 2010 to AutoRoute 2007?
Yipeee! I got my AutoRoute 2010 in English finally and got a full exchange for the mistakenly shipped German version... Now;

I have created some maps that I would like to share with a fellow RV'r here in the EU and I cannot figure out how to "Back" convert these 2010 files for display and use in their AR2007 platform.

Anyone done this? Help requested.

In almost all software products, there are only few exceptions of products that could go back in time. Unfortunatly, it is not the case of S&T...

The simple solution is to use an older version to create the file and share it with your friend, and keep a backup copy of this old 2007 file version for later use and modifications. You may use the 2010 program to open it, but don't overwrite the original 2007 version.
As I suspected. Disappointing though as I have just embarked on and finished a comprehensive pin-set for "Freedom-Camping" (Boondocking) in Europe. Now I will have to assemble all that data again for a AutoRoute 2007 map.

I will take one last ditch effort here... Could the AR2010 "My Pushpins" "Matching" records be copied then dropped onto a AR2007 "My Pushpins" table? If so I am not doing something right.

What about sucking out the data to an .xls spreadsheet? How would you go about that scenario?

...and one more question since I am rambling-on here; Is there a AutoRoute 2011 coming down the pike?

Ken in Regina
You can export to GPX and load that into Excel. Excel will see the GPX file as an XML file (which it is) and it knows how to deal with XML files.

Export to GPX
Convert to CSV (online tool...ask Google)

Your friend should be able to import that.

Note: due to buggy export, you may have to drag the GPX file into Notepad and delete all occurances of the tag below to keep online tools from choking on it:

<time>Invalid DateTime-05:00</time>

The -05:00 part may be different wherever you are, but there'll be a bunch of them all the same you can do a replace with nothing in one shot.

Good luck...
Ken in Regina
No need to convert to CSV. Import the GPX straight into Excel.

Tried GPX to Excel...yes it works but throws errors unless the bugged time tags are cleaned out.
Ken in Regina
Is that with 2011? I didn't encounter those tags in 2010, I don't think.

Those bad tags will probably cause a GPX-to-CSV converter to puke, too.

Ken in Regina
The original poster is working with Autoroute 2010 so will not have that issue.

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