CoPilot 9 Announced
Just got tweeted this and thought I'd pass it along. It's the feature list for CoPilot 9. It doesn't say anything about the laptop version, but I will be writing ALK to see if it'll be updated as well. It's set for release in the 2nd quarter of this year.

CoPilot finally responded to my Twitter message to them, asking if CoPilot Laptop v9 will be released in the same time-frame as their mobile versions. They said it will probably be released in a similar time-frame to the laptop as what v8's was: Apple, Android, Blackberry, Laptop, Laptop Truck.

So, it will probably be on the laptop within 2-3 months after it's initially released to the mobile.
Sounds like a good time to push the suggestions in the sticky at them and see what they can do about some of them.

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