Where Do We Canadians Buy Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011?
Ken in Regina
I wasn't arguing in favour of a laptop/S&T solution. Or against an i/Something solution.

I was simply pointing out the obvious: i/Anything is not the "best of all worlds". It was an observation of reality. Apple handheld stuff does what it does exceedingly well. And it's quite sexy looking. But there are just things you can't do on a handheld. Any handheld.

There are some things that are just better done on a box with a big screen and an app with a full feature set that allows for complex trip planning as well as navigating. That's why this forum exists.

Nothing is the "best of all worlds". (Factual observation, not criticism.) That's why it's so great to have choices.

I think it is a bit simplistic to think Garmin's nRoute and Mobile PC and Delorme's navigation products can actually talk directly with USB GPS devices. They just happen to come with drivers that work with their devices without bothering with a serial (COM) port.

Ken in Regina
There were some additional messages in this thread that get into a great deal of detail about using GPS NMEA data to create navigation apps. It has nothing to do with the subject of this thread so I've taken the liberty of moving them here:


Besides not being related to this thread subject, I think the discussion is important enough that it shouldn't be buried in here. So I've broken it out where it can be easily found and followed by those who might be interested.

Thanks to Syndetic for kicking it off.

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