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We need ability to hide waypoints / pushpins in Streets & Trips
Living in Southern California, motocycle rides frequent the back country twisty roads. Unfortunately between any two points there are route alternatives so one cannot just enter a beginning and ending point (pin).

To get the desired route accomplished, on specific roads, one has to either drag the route or add in "fake" waypoints. Either way, the stops appear as either turns or stops after transferring the route (via GPX export) to a GPS device, such as the Zumo.

This could all be solved if waypoints could be marked as hidden and not really part of the route. Doing this would eliminate them appearing in the directions, etc.

So, we need ability to hide waypoints/pins in Streets & Trips, and also Garmin MapSource.
Have you tried Avoid Area in S&T to force the route to use roads you want?

With many different road choices, winding/twisting back and forth, it isn't practical to exclude a lot of small areas. That feature works really well when the desired route more-or-less parallels a major interstate for many miles: then the entire highway can be easily excluded.

Seems to be a simple software enhancement that Microsort or Garmin could incorporate within their mapping software.
You may not have noticed, but MSFT does not seem too interested in enhancing S&T beyond refreshing the underlying maps.
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