How can I merge POI Mega File and route files into one map?
I'm having trouble importing/opening the Mega POI File into a 7000-mile map file that I've lovingly created over several days. Conversely, if I convert my map file to a gpx file and import it, I get the route but not the layover and park reservations I have carefully inputted. Basically, the resulting file becomes a 14-day non-stop race, whereas my original idea is to spend about 10 weeks following my route. So how can I include both the poi and route files into one map?
You cannot open a POI file "into" an existing route file.

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish but if you are trying to access data from a POI file and incorporate it into your lovingly-created route file probably the best way is to open the two files in two different windows (S&T permits this) and then superimposing your route onto the POI file and then copy and paste the individual POIs into your route file. The following is a step-by-step of how to do that.

1. In a new window, open S&T.

2. Open the POI file.

3. Minimize (NOT close) that window.

4. Open a new window and in it start another S&T.

5. Open your route file.

6. Export your route as a GPX file of your naming.

7. Minimize that window and re-open the window with the POI file.

8. Resize the window to about half the overall computer screen and move it to one side.

10. Go back to the window your route and open it to about half-screen size like the other one but move it so that is side-by-side with the POI file.

11. Import the GPX file into the POI map and go through the GPX-exported route on the POI file and review the POIs on interest to you along the route.

12. If there are any POIs that you would like in your route file, you can select those POIs and copy and paste them into your route file. It is quite easy as the POIs will be correctly located automatically in your route file.

13. Save the route file.

Good luck.
This works great, thanks!
Glad to help and have a good trip!
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