Can HTC Diamond 2 be used as GPS receiver for laptop PC?
I have HTC Diamond 2, and on that have Garmin Mobile XT last version, and have last version of Garmin Mobile PC on my laptop.

How can I use my mobile internal GPS as external USB GPS for my laptop? Please explain step by step with screenshot.

Ken in Cape Breton
It may be possible to do this by jumping through a bunch of hoops but really it just makes much more sense to just go get a GlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS receiver (or similar) for the PC and have a simple package that just works. I'm assuming you have the software version of Mobile PC. If you have the version that originally came with a Garmin receiver it won't work without the Garmin receiver.

The BU-353 go for around $36.95 online: http://www.semsons.com/glbuusbgpsre.html
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