New version of POILoader 2.6.1 available
Ken in Regina
Garmin: POI Loader for Windows Updates & Downloads

Changes made from version 2.6.0 to 2.6.1:

* Fixed issue with reading in CSV files that contain quotes in the position field
* Fixed issue with reading in CSV files that contain escape quotes

Changes made from version 2.5.4 to 2.6.0:

* Added ability to specify a custom POI file's name
* Added ability to handle swapped lat and lon values in CSV files
* Fixed issue with multi-line CSV files not being read correctly
* Fixed issue with extended ASCII characters in CSV files
* Fixed issue with reading large gpx and csv files making the application unresponsive
I was just trying to update my install of Mobile PC & found that this latest version of POI loader does not find Mobile PC as a device.

Found an old version 2.5.4 installed it & all functions as should .


I sent a email to Garmin on details of problem!
Ken in Regina
I just tested it on my system. It finds my Mobile PC just fine. Sounds like there must be a problem on your system.

I doubt if you will get much help from Garmin because Mobile PC is a discontinued product.

But it's no big deal anyway. In the newer versions you can simply point it at a folder on your hard drive.

When you run POILoader, instead of clicking the button for "Garmin Device", click the other button for "Computer". That will allow you to select a folder on your computer to place the POI file in. You can select the POI folder in the GarminMobilePC folder and let POILoader put it there. Or put it anywhere you want and then move or copy it to Mobile PC's POI folder.

Oh no not another problem on my system :-)

Thanks Ken
I have been attempting to update for about a week. Yesterday I was informed by Garmin that they had solved the problem at their end and that I should update. I'm now in the process, about two hrs into it, and it seem to be going fine. It's about 3/4 loaded.

Is this related to the problem you were having? I'm using numaps lifetime.
Ken in Regina
Hi edh,

I don't think we're talking about the same thing. The only way it could take that long to download the POILoader update is if you have a 300 baud dial-up connection. You must be talking about a map update. ??? That's a whole different thing.

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